Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adventures at Bear Lake

The weekend after returning home to Provo (that's so weird that Provo is now my home) we accompanied our dear friends the terrific Tullets, from rainy Washington, to Bear lake in support of Carlee, who was running a marathon (she's amazing). The weather was hot with bursts of windiness. Jack was in his element, he LOVED camping. He trotted around exploring the trees and the tent. It was adorable to watch him and Reid discover rocks, mud, twigs and all other icky but wonderful creations. He slept surprisingly well, thank goodness. He certainly is Ben's son, every time he saw the river his face swelled with excitement.

The Lake was magical! At night the sky glowed a romantic shine of pinks and reds as the lake became a glacier dream. It was glorious to just stand and stare at such beauty. I really enjoy being outside in God's creations, they are so inspiring and tangible. When I am surrounded by nature I feel happier and less stressed. Sadly, my body was not created to withstand the not so glorious creations know as mosquito's. I did wear repellent but not for the first 10 minuets and it was in these 10 minuets that I received a bite that took my little hand by surprise: Look at the pictures and you'll understand.

Carlee the marathon runner!

Jack basking in the sunshine

Jack mid a joyful squeal

Jack and Reid BFF's

1st Lollypop

Sun kissed Jack

Taking the trash


A sun kissed sky

The lake in the morning

My fat hand! The result of a mosquito bite, and yes it did itch like crazy.



Cami said...

Oh wow Jessica. That hand is huge! Scary. The lake does look beautiful. I love the picture of Jack and his little friend! So cute.

Lesley-Ann said...

Well Jessie your hand really wasn't good, glad it's better. Remember next time repellent before you get out the car :0) As always love the photos. Mum X

L & B said...

Jessica! i'm soo sorry about your mosquito bite! My body does the same thing. I feel your pain. You and ben and jack need to come play, we have a pool at our place that is not union square green, although the singles do run around scantily clad. I haven't decided which is worse...
lauren s.

Laura said...

I remember when your hand got swollen like that a year or so ago. Ben accused me of implying you had fat hands. I hope you get better.

Luke and Angie Olson said...

Looks like a fun trip...except for the swollen hand. I'm glad I have your blog address now!

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