Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Jack Attack!



The Gorrells said...

Ok... his double chin just cracks me up! He is such a stud in that one close up picture in the yellow striped shirt... well he is a stud in everyone! But especially in that picture. Oh and I hope I see you at church tomorrow, I keep missing your calls! And I always forget to call you back until it's way late. Sorry!

nikie said...

jack is super cute. i love the towelheads picture of the two of you on the right. it is really cute. jack looks so happy to be a towel head with you. jake and i just started a blog if you want to visit. its

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

I love the pictures of Jack! that kid is so dang cute!


Bryan and KathrynScott said...

You are so cute that sounds like a great idea to take a drive up there. I wanted to come to that excercise class but I was in California the first week and the second week i forgot what time it was at. Hopefully a lot of people came and it went well. Thank you so much for doing that. What a wonderful thing for the mothers in our ward.

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