Sunday, January 20, 2008

A top tooth is busting its way through Jack's gums: Awcha!

Jack has been rather distraught today as his top tooth is not welcome in his gummy mouth. Before with the bottom teeth coming through he was sad but not distraught, I guess the top ones are intense. But amongst the cries, screams, sad faces and splattering spit there was a moment of joy, and of course I captured it on camera!

What can I say "my son is natural at funny faces." He must get this talent from his dad.



Brett, Kimberly and Hayden said...

Good luck with the teeth! I know with Hayden his tops ones were way worse than the bottom ones. But what can I say, if mine were that big I'd be hurtin' too. :)

Lesley-Ann said...

Jack is just such a good looking beautiful little boy, photogenic like his mother and funny like his dad. I miss our cuddles and hope I don't have to wait too many months before I can have more. Mum x

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