Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Making Friends

Last night I looked after my friends little boy Jason who is 17 months old. Jack loved hanging out with him. Jack watched with wonder as Jason was running around jumping up and down. As they were bonding so well I though it would be fun to bath them together. This was the first time Jack had shared his precious bath bubbles. It was so funny watching them; Jason would start standing up, I would sit him down as Jack attempted to escape; this pattern repeated several times! It was quite a work out.

After bath time we read some books. Usually Jack tries to eat the books but Jason looked more tasty.


mwaymo said...

Too cute! Bathtime is about the only time that Rex and Sam play together and interact, it's so cute, it melts my heart!

Brett, Kimberly and Hayden said...

Looks like fun! Bathtime sure can be a workout!

Nate & Carlee said...

I love the look on your face as Jack takes a bite out of his buddy. Don't worry, Reid is constantly trying to walk all over him, so the eating mechanism might work out for the Jack attack at our house.

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