Friday, January 11, 2008

Attempt to escape the rippling waters of the bathtub

Step one: Stretch the muscles, prepare body for escape mode.

Step two: Curiously begin the ascend out of the water.

Step three: Grip with tiny toes, hold on to the side of the tub and push.

Step four: Keep pushing with chubby legs, straighten arms and feel great.

Step five: Bask in the triumph of standing in the tub, enter the world of daydreaming, forget about holding on and fall! Splash!


Brett, Kimberly and Hayden said...

I can't believe I found your blog! Crazy blogging world, isn't it? I found it just by browsing through some others! I can't believe how big Jack is now! It's been too long since we've seen each other. You guys look great!!

Katie said...

What a cutie! Hey, I couldn't help but notice that your bathtub is the same one I registered for. Did you like it and do you still? Just curious as to whether I made a good selection!

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