Monday, December 3, 2007

Busy days!

Sometimes I feel like a chicken running around with its head chopped off. At the end of the day I am feeling rather deflated but don't have an awful lot to show for my efforts. So this is what we did today:
I had my class at 7 am, so after nursing Jack and feeding him oatmeal cereal I left and took a test which I think went OK. When I got home I did some homework till Jack woke then we spoke to my mum and grandparents over the web cam; they are very entertaining. Then we visited the wondrous land of Walmart where we expereinced the slowest checkout guy EVER. We got a great bargain though- a quarter of ham $5- Wow! I know I am the bargain queen.
After putting Jack down for a nap I unloaded shopping and all that fun exciting stuff, then watched the little girl from downstairs, made three batches of Baby food; Broccoli with cauliflower and pumpkin adn watched Jack flirt with carly.

Then Jack went over and played with his friend Reid while I ran 3.5 miles with Reid's mum Carlee; yes we are the wonder women of this century.

Then I made dinner, bathed Jack and we went to see Santa; who rather intrigued Jack.

Now we are home Jack's asleep, Ben's doing homework and I am here. What a lovely day! Although I didn't solve world hunger I did fight the ever propellong spit up's that constanly land on me, I am always fighting world war three: Me V's Jacks bodily functions. Isn't life great!


mwaymo said...

The picture with Santa is hilarious!!! I remember always feeling like life was so crazy with just Rex, then when I had Sam I thought, now why again did I think life was crazy before cause now it's REALLY crazy!!!

Joseph said...

This picture of Jack reminds me of Ben. I think his profile really looks like a very pudgy Ben. You'd look good with lots of fat, Ben. You should consider gaining lots of weight. :)

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