Friday, November 16, 2007

Tired! How do mothers cope with more than one child? My hats off to you!

Yesterday morning Jack was the ultimate ratbag; very needy and whining constantly. I thought "today's is going to be a long day!" On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a class at BYU and Jack tags along, so getting to class is quite the process. Jack is a great distraction to the over worked and tired students; his cute faces and sporadic baby sounds are far more entertaining than the lecture. No, my teacher is actually excellent and very entertaining.

I don't know what happened between being home and arriving at class but Jack was perfect in class, barely a peak. This was wonderful! Often I'm only in class for 20 mins before Jack is too rambunctious and we leave to enjoy the stale corridors. When I am in class I barely grasp what is being taught because my energy is directed at keeping Jack entertained and wiping up the numerous spit ups. This was really the only time today that Jack was happy and normal but I see it as a blessing, often we just have to roll with the punches to appreciate the simple blessing along the way.

Earlier I was doing laundry my favorite job- NOT! I had left Jack on my bed with the laundry basket and when I returned he had already started. As cute as it was to see him lying in my lovey clean clothes I quickly removed him to prevent him from decorating the clean clothes with his ever pouring spit.

The other day Ben and I were playing Pass the Pigs and I think Ben was cheating because he was throwing jousters, leaning jousters left and right. He won all three games; that's a little fishy because I am usually rather good at this game. Jack found it funny and enjoyable to watch from us from the coach.


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Jessarella said...

I'll trade you your sleepless kid, for my two sleepless kids. I think I got a good 2 hours last night. Jaxon got circumsized yesterday- He was not happy about it!!

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