Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh, another Sunday has rolled around again!

Today was our Stake Conference which began at 10am; we got an extra hour and a half as church normally begins at 8:30! Its early! well to be honest I barely know what was said in the talks, Jacks quite the distraction. I find myself dedicating all my effort and attention to him, he is rather vocal and fidgety so the corridor is a favorite place to be. Thankfully half our ward is comprised of babies; you never get lonely in the corridors, there is always someone to chat to.
One thing that struck me form a talk today was a quote by Henry B Eyring, he said "when you find out who you really are, you will be really sad you didn't try harder." This struck a chord within me. Throughout my whole life I have been saying I am a child of God, but do I really live up to my responsibilities and godlike potential? No. I love Stake Conference because it reminds me to de-clutter my life of all the fluff that is a distraction and keeps me from getting closer to God.

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mwaymo said...

Weird, we had Stake Conference today too! Except ours was at 1:00 instead of our regular church time of 3:00! We have 8:00 church next year, I never thought I would be excited for 8:00 church, until I had 3:00 church!!! There's just something unsettling about getting home from church when it is dark.

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