I am tickled pink that you stopped by.

I am obsessed with trying to find ways to add more and more light into my life!

I love my Heavenly Father, am super thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the holy ghost is the best gift I ever received. 

I believe that through the scriptures and revelation from latter-day prophets we can find guidance and answers of most of our questions.

I want to see if I can follow the commandments and deepen my understanding of His word to help guide my weight-loss journey. I believe that my body was created by God Himself and that He knows exactly what would help it become the most healthy vessel for me to journey through life in.

I am a mommy of two brilliant, dynamic and hilarious boys. My hubby is an avid fisher-man and feels most alive when he is surrounded by God’s creations. 

I love dancing yoga, singing, making friends, smiling, rich conversations, I like yummy smelling oils, the color yellow and feeling close to God.

I hope you will come back soon:)