Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Awesome April

Ben had another birthday!!! funny how fast those years seem to past when you get older. He turned 34 back in April and he is my very best friend. I love so much and I know I drive him rather crazy but feel so thankful that he chose to spend his life with me dancing or doing a headstand by his side.

We skied a little more in April. Loveland was good to us but this particular day someone smashed into me, sending me flying and then the wind was CRAZY.

Jack became quite obsessed with making cupcakes after his success with these butterfly cakes!

Ben and I started my long awaited "shiplap" adventure

The boys love to get every pillow out and put them on the stairs

More "shiplap"

There was a lot of MUSICAL stuff happening in April


Jack became rather proficient at mowing the lawn

Easter happened and it wasn't snowing!!!!! 
Egg hunt in the back yard

Shiplap finished!

Fishing at the lake up the top of our street!

School arts night!

Jack was the villain!
He was superb.

Sunday's are better when we get out in nature, these pictures were from a fun walk we did not far from home.


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