Thursday, December 22, 2016

twas' Thanksgiving in November

We drove for a long time with our dog looking like this:

And then we arrived at Twin Falls Idaho to spend a magical, loud, crazy, dramatic, busy and hilarious week with family.

Cousins: either loved each other or argued so it was just how it's supposed to be!

Hot springs

Climbing trees in Grandma's yard

Bundled up for chilly walks to the park

The gang

Reptiles at grandma's work

Lots of "only wearing underwear"

A melt down and grandma trying not to smile

Cousin bath time is the bomb!

Twin falls temple

Our family Christmas card photoshoot

The cousins were jealous of our awesomeness and had to get in on the fun!

And of course there were pictures of Thanksgiving day but I can't find them! Haha!


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