Monday, December 19, 2016

Stepping outside of my thoughts

Anyone who knows me knows I quite the imagination!

 It's spectacular actually.

My imagination has brought me much joy in my life but sometimes it steals my freedom.

You see I am a dreamer! I dream and I always have.

Thanks to my imagination I have some glorious dreams and some have come to pass. These days I have let some of those dreams only live inside of my mind as thought bubbles constantly floating and flying in me. 

Do you know what happens when you live in your thoughts? 

You actually miss the living. 

So so so sad:( 

I believe God made each of us so that we could come to earth and learn how to become like He is. He wants us to become master creators as He is. But living in our thoughts is only the first step of creating. 

Why am I staying in my thoughts and not allowing my dreams to actually take up space outside of me?


Plain old mean scary FEAR!

So right now I am putting some of my dreams out there because I am sure they actually wont turn into zombies and jump out of my computer screen and devour me. They actually might help me move forward.

  • I dream that my dancing yoga (a blend of yoga and modern dance I have been developing) will actually become a class that I teach to others who love it and leave with feelings of joy, peace, creativity and self acceptance.

  • I dream of professionally recording my songs that I have written and possibly sharing them with others who enjoy the messages.

  • I dream of always being true to myself even if it means I don't fit in the mold or that there isn't a mold to fit me. 

  • I dream of speaking to large groups of youth and women about self acceptance, learning to love ones self and walking the path of kindness. 

  • I dream of knowing God's word. Having His teachings flow into all my conversations and thoughts processes. 

And there is it is...BOOM!

I am going to try to move forward to make these dreams a reality by living more in my life and less in my thoughts.


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