Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Christmas Card and more thoughts...

My Christmas Card is better than yours... not really but we REALLY REALLY love all the fun we have doing our goofy cards. Lots and lots of laughter. 

May I present you The Carney's White trash Christmas:

Life is full.
Life is beautiful.
Life is filled with distractions.
Life is interesting.
Life is challenging.
Life is worth it.
Life is a gift!

A week away from Christmas day and I am feeling grateful and a little tired. With still a mental list of what I need to accomplish prior before Christmas day I am trying to focus on whats most important;
Feeling the spirit of God within in me, allowing Him to guide and comfort me and loving on my family. 

I am feeling utterly grateful!!!

You see I have been given the opportunity to lead the church choir. This is one of those responsibilities that solely relies on others. Without people coming and supporting me; offering their time, talents and abilities there is no choir. I could be the best director in the world but without others and their goodwill there is no choir and not opportunity to spread goodness through music. 

Today our choir had our last practice before the Christmas Day program and my heart was bursting with gratitude. As I looked out at my dear fellow church friends I was overcome with the reminder that we all truly do need each other AND I am so excited for them to share their messages of Joy, Peace, Love and Hope with our church family next week. 

We just had extended family over for a dinner. They were members of our family who we don't see often but what a blessing it was to reconnect with them and to feel of their love and light. I am grateful for the power of family. Family truly has the power to bind us together and bless us tremendously. 

The other day I was giving invites to our neighbors for our families traditional nativity night. I realized three things:

  1. Some people don't even know what a"Nativity" is even so that it a totally foreign concept.     
  2. Some people are so thrilled that others are choosing to make sure Christ is celebrate Christmas and eager to participate in those celebrations                                                             
  3. It feels really great to be true to ones self                                                                                     

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love my house during Christmas time.

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