Friday, September 16, 2016

Labor day camping or Glamping

Driving up the ever winding road with hair pin turn after hair pin turn I was filled with gratitude that Ben had come up the previous night with Grandpa at his side to park the trailer.

“How in the world did you get the trailer up here?” I asked

“Well, there was a point when I looked over to the side and saw the wheel of the trailer was a small 6 inches from the edge!” Laughs Ben. My eyes are wide, you mean the edge that hangs over the steep drop into oblivion I think … Driving large vehicles in small places seems to puff Ben up with Pride and accomplishment but it stresses me out like no other; increasing my heart rate as if I was waiting to bungee jump or do something wild.

We pull up as dusk sets in next to our trailer that is situated next to a creek dribbling it way down the hill surrounded by mountains. It is stunning! Truly no other word is adequate…S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. The colors are vibrant even in the limited light, the chill in the outdoor air beckons us to wrap in blankets and become enveloped in nature.

Life is good.

Up here away from the business of everyday demands life is SO GOOD!

Saturday late morning, seems like a great time to head into the mountains to pick up one of Ben’s hunting camera’s. Adventures like these always start with a hop in everyone’s step. The hike begins with a steep incline but soon levels out. Ben’s gun rests on his shoulder pointing heavenward, Jack at his side dressed in orange and Lucas determined to make his short legs move faster than humanly possible. “Wait for me, dad!” He kept calling.

Finally, we all decided to have Lucas lead in order to set the pace.

All of us are walking with our heads held high, nostrils wide sucking in the smell that assures our bodies that we are indeed in the wilderness, and on sacred ground.

All of a sudden a giant woosh erupts several feet in front of us and a grouse zooms ahead, around and away from us. How exciting!! With this new found energy we continue to move forward with an excited murmur about how many grouse live here and how hard they are to hunt because of their impeccable ability to camouflage themselves.

As time went on Lucas lost his hop in his step and replaced it with a determination that the only thing in the entire world that would make him remotely happy would be to turn around and go to the car. With drizzling rain adding a little drama to the situation Lucas and I head back.

The camera was eventually retrieved. 

The boys are asleep and the night is thick with silence allowing only the bubbling of the water to interrupt. I look heaven bound and see so much that make my heart expand and my mind wander. The milky way is right there blazing its grandeur at me. My mouth is open in awe and utter amazement. 

Living in the city it’s hard to remember we are just a tiny dot in a massive and comprehensive universe but out here I feel how small I am and yet how crucial my life is in this vast universe.

My testimony that God created me and everything else strengthens in new profound ways. I promise to try a little harder to be like Jesus, to be grateful for my life and to share this wonder with others.


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