Friday, May 27, 2016

Jack is 9!

Here is a video I made for Jack from when he was little. 
Every time I watch it my heart whimpers and smiles. 

I think he liked it too:)

Morning presents are a MUST for Jack! If he had to wait I think he would absolutely burst.

I think he was quite thrilled about the gifts he got 
the skateboard that he got to shop for later that day.

Brother hugs! 
{be still my heart}

After shopping for skating gear we went and tested it out.

Our birthday boy was awesome!!!!

Time playing with Caleb, pizza and of course cake

This kid!! 

He is a passionate, 
social butterfly! 
He is a born leader. 
I love him! 
... We drive each other CRAZY...
He is exactly what I needed when he came to earth and that stands true still. 

 I will continue everyday to stand by him, to help him see his glorious potential and encourage him to fearlessly love himself. 


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