Sunday, February 14, 2016

Washington visit

We made our flight by the skin of our teeth; literally. 

We got to the Fower's home when it was dark.

We spent the next morning eating Spencer's AWESOME homemade blueberry muffins, chatting, playing with robots and bringing a lot of noise and commotion to the Fower's home. 

We took our adventure into Seattle the city known for it's rain and boy did it rain for us.

Pikes Place
Gum wall
awesome pizza pies
 (I didn't realize pizza was called pies, I was worried they were combining marinara sauce with some apple pie recipe...turns out it was just an incredible pizza)
Park in the rain
Some "not so great" rapper- he tried

Sunday was chill and perfect; slow morning, afternoon church, dinner, robot play. chatting, laughing, lounging, ice cream and games.

Monday we visited some falls (can't remember the name but it was stunning)
played at a lake while handling some grumpiness from children. 

We went into Bellevue for the most delicious dumplings and then parted. 

I am so thankful for the relationship we have with the Fowers, we have been friends since we were first married and I am pretty sure we will still be friends when we are all in heaven.  

My FAVORITE part of our trip was meeting this little man!!! Wow, what a delight and joy he is. We loved spending time with him and although he will probably forget us we hope to make more memories with him that he will remember. 

Ahhhhhhh, those eyes, that nose, cheeks and smile!!!! Perfection!

Ahh the "bromance"


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