Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our trip to the land of my fathers: Wales

For 2 and a half days we absorbed much of the goodness in Northern Wales.

TRULY, it was breathtaking and nourishing to our souls. The landscape is stunning and architecture full of stories told and untold. The best aspect was being together for practically every second!

As we approached our landing at the close of a 7 hour flight we passed through layer after layer of clouds until literally moments before the wheels hit the tarmac did we see the green, green, wet and rainy Manchester runway. 

Driving away in our rental car was quite the thrill, thrill meaning; slightly terrified at the thought of driving on the opposite side of the road, in the rain in a different country, feeling half asleep. Of course when I say "I" I am referring to Ben, because I did not drive once, why you ask? I am the British one after all. Well, when I finally did pass my English driving test eons ago I proceeded to crash my car two weeks later and perhaps a few years ago I did drive my car though our garage door so naturally I was not our preferred driver...  right now your feeling much better about your own driving capabilities aren't you? You're welcome:) 

Ben drove for the safety of both of us and the rest of the United Kingdom!

We headed to Llandudno in Wales and fyi the way you are trying to pronounce it right this second is totally incorrect, you see Welsh makes no sense if you try to pronounce the words using knowledge of the English language. No sense at all!

We rented the most lovely hip flat downtown and checked out the pier. The sun was out hand in hand with a blustery breeze; it was quite a delight to be bombing around with my honey by my side. 

We found this hilarious...

After eating lunch in a little cafe we made our way to Gwrych castle for a private tour. We battled major sleepiness as we drove with the windows down desperately convincing our bodies that we were not tired and didn't miss a night of rest. Thankfully, being out in the brisk grounds of the castle was enough to shake our focus on Winifred, the fancy pancy lady who once lived in this once up and running castle. 

It was spectacular!  

Then off to Conwy Castle; another awesome creation. I may or may have not got queasy at the top of those towers... It is such a delight to imagine what this castle would have been like when it was bustling with people.  The views were stunning. 

Town of Conwy

WOW! Who is this hunk of burning love?!!!

Day two in Wales began with Gorge scrambling. 
Basically we scrambled up a creek; it was SO FUN!!!! Totally would do this again. We slid on our belles, went swimming, squeezed through rocks know as "an elephants bottom" and plunged into a pool. 

Seriously wonderful!

Still wet we headed to Betws-y-Coed (also not pronounced the way you are thinking) we ate, explored, window shopped and enjoyed the general relaxed splendor of the quaint town. 

As we headed back we marveled at the stunning landscape. We decided to pull over and randomly hike up to a look out. It was so delicious to our senses. 

One last stop for the day was Aber Falls. 
We saw this hilarious sign:

Our last morning in Wales was spent hiking up the great orme in Llandudno. 
We saw wild sheep and goats, the coast and of course I did some yoga.

While driving to England we stopped at one last castle and seeped in the general splendor of Wales. We left wanting more and feeling grateful for our new blossoming memories in such a beautiful part of the world!



Beth schell said...

Love this post! Phenomenal photos. You two make my heart happy!

Gwen said...

Singing the song of your people! So thrilled to live vicariously through your adventure!

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