Friday, September 4, 2015

Introducing "Buttercup"

We have a new chicken. The front desk secretary at school was finding a home for this lovely chicken and I just couldn't say no!

She is a hoot!

Because she is the only chicken right now she either spend her time thinking she is human or a dog. She has flown into the window multiple times trying to get in the house and be with us. She has been sitting with Reagan sunbathing and perched at the bottom of a tree squirrel hunting as Reagan's side kick. 

When we first got her naming her was a big topic in out home. Lucas wanted "jimmy nutron" Jack wanted "Madam hooch" and Ben and I liked the idea of combining them into the ultimate name of "Jimmy hooch" that was never going to fly with Jack... So after watching Princess Bride the boys decided of Buttercup.


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Gwen said...

Buttercup is truly "The most beautiful in all the land".

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