Thursday, September 3, 2015

Football season begins & 1st game

Jack LOVES sports and has especially loved playing flag football in the past. The last few years he has participated in recreational football and been frustrated with the lack of commitment and passion of his team mates. I looked into competitive football leagues. Talked with people who had participated. Made a list of pros and cons, discussed with Ben and then prayed. 

After some time had passed I felt REALLY good about signing Jack up. Even though it means 8+ hours a week of football on top of school, homework and guitar. I knew I felt good about it so I smiled at others who cautioned otherwise and moved forward.

At the first practice I felt my heart burn within me as I listened to the coach talk about hard work, respect, working as a team and how football is fun but certainly not more important than family and school. I almost cried. This really was the environment I was praying for. 

Jack has never worked so hard physically in his life. He goes to sleep like a champ; even sleeps in which if you know Jack is unusual. So far he is pretty good at and using his time wisely because he knows he can't waste it because he doesn't have tons of expendable time. 

I have told him gratitude is a virtue that will bless his life but need practice and playing football presented itself with some great gratitude practice. Thanking his coaches after practices and games is a MUST; They are volunteers and dedicate A LOT of time to his team and gratitude is a necessity. As I wait and watch from the side lines my heart swells as I watch Jack go to each coach look them in the eye and thank them.  If the coaches only remember one thing about my wonderful boy Jack I want them to remember his gratitude. 

Look how old Jack looks, how is it possible I have a brilliant, active and hardworking boy of 8 years old?! It blows my mind!

The first football game was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously I am looking forward to the next. Because they practice so much they are really learning how to play football (American Football that is to all my England peeps!) The game was an away game and the other team had a ginormous cheer-leading squad cheering them on which Jack described as "So Annoying!" 

Also, to make it more intimidating; the team they were playing against has already played together for 1 year. Jack's teams is made up of kids who have never before played tackle football. After the first several plays of the boys experiencing how hard the other team tackles their spirits were a little bashed but they played hard and put all they had into it. I was screaming and yelling for our wonderful team. I had no idea I could get so emotional over football!?! Seriously, Ben looked like he was aging at a dramatic pace; it was really something. 

They made two touch downs, not enough to win but they played well and we were so proud and grateful for such a great first game!

I feel like this is the start of a new chapter of our life. My boys are growing and becoming more independent.  It's exciting! It's overwhelming also because the more independent my children become the more I realize one day they are going to leave and go to college and create a life of their own (which is what I want for them). I try to remember the words of wise women who have told me that time passes by so fast... I am starting to believe them. I want to live in these moments and treasure them because one day these awesome boys of mine will be grown men and I no longer will be called each night to give my awesome bedtime hugs, or to tickle a back, or read a book, or watch them swing on a swing or ride their bike. There really are seasons of life and this is the season to soak it all up!

Ben looked a lot like this:


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