Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ben's Adventure Race

Right before our family reunion Ben and Cliff participated in an adventure race. This race was 50 miles of running, biking, repelling, caving, river boarding, canoeing with orienteering- HOW COOL IS THAT?

Ben has been training for about 9 months!

They started out AWESOME! 1st place in their division in the running section. They ran up a mountain, repelled, caved and ran back down again. Hoped on a bike and fell back a couple spots but were still rocking it. After the biking they got in wet suits and ran another 3 miles to the river. After jumping into the river Ben's body sized up in crazy major cramps. His legs were cramping so hard he could not move them to help steer himself through the rapid. After a couple rapids of no leg action he got out and tried to get rid of the cramps...  an hour went by and they feel behind in their standings. Ben ended up passing the two biggest rapids and jumped in after to finish off that section and then into a canoe they went.

They finished in 8 hours 9 minutes!!!! I was expecting 10+ hours so you can imagine my surprise and delight when they did so well. Ben is frustrated with how the river boarding went down but I am so proud and impressed.

1st adventure race under the belt for Ben!

Here are some shots Ben got from the race.


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