Monday, August 3, 2015

Mt. of the Holy Cross: 14' Hike

Ben and joined some friends on a hike to the mount of the holy cross. When I had mentioned to several friends the day before which 14' we were hiking they both looked at me in shook and said "wow, that's going to be intense." Haha! Boy were they right!

We left our house at 3:50am and picked up friends and meet some others on the way up and drove the 2 hour drive to the trail head, then the adventure began. The sun was casting it's bright brilliant rays over the mountain side. Life was stunning. I started hike as always with gusto. Lunging forward ready to take on the world. My heart was beating fast and breathing hard from the get go. 

A beautiful view on the trail.

Morning beauty if totally phenomenal!

Oh the GLORIOUS wild flowers everywhere!

Feeling SO tired! Still enough for a quick smile.

Getting to the top of that was a feat. Huffing and puffing and stopping for a breather. 

We did it!!

Of course I had to go upside-down:)

The crew

Heading back was so hard because the gradient was so steep and then there was an uphill portion that seemed to go on forever and ever and ever. But we did it and I want to plan our next one. I marvel at this amazing world God created for us and our awesome bodies that can do hard things.



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