Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Cheerfulness is a choice. 

Mornings are a blessing. 
They are mine and I look
forward to waking up 
and spending time with myself. 

7:30 rolls around and I simply can not wait a minute longer. I walk into the boys room and turn the light on. Jack's bed is empty but Lucas is wrapped up as a burrito in his warm bed. He is deep in slumber, it's a perfect image for the cover of a lullaby book, I shudder at what his grumpy face will look like after I wake him up. 

Lucas looks up at me, squeezes my hand and says in his muted voice "I love you mommy! You know that, right?" I can't help but beam with a wide smile, my heart fills up with gratitude. It's my job to make sure my children always know I love them and yet Lucas never goes more than an hour without reminding me of his love. I will be following his example more... "Become even as a little child" words that ring in my ears and heart.

The sun is warm and strong, heating our bodies as we make our way to school. I trail behind watching feet pushing the ground with vigor and resting on the back wheel of scooters ready to slow down as they descend down a hill. They look at each other and giggle and then race. I smile because I know that time together, that giggle is strengthening their love and brotherhood. My heart is filled. The moment is ordinary and beautiful. It's amazing what outside air, scooters and sunbeams can do.

Yard work is so invigorating!!! Especially trimming and cutting down bushes and trees. I may have gotten carried away the other day. Jack walked in and accused me of destroying every brush in the yard... apparently there are no more hiding spots left; no comment...

Jack pulls on his big white football helmet and runs onto the field. He blends into a sea of other 3rd graders running around the field, they all look like life size bobble heads. He runs, listens, tackles, throws, catches, runs drill after drill. He is learning what it means to be a part of a team. How everyone's actions effect the rest of the team. Today they did A LOT of push up's, perhaps they will pay attention better tomorrow. He climbs into the car and when asked how he is "tired" is always his answer. I look at him from the rear mirror say I am proud of him then note his sweaty hair and gappy tooth smile as he chows done an energy bar. He is learning and growing faster than I can handle. 

Slow progress is progress none the less.

I am finding myself smiling a lot lately. My life is ordinary and utterly beautiful and often hard but I am grateful beyond comprehension for the people in it and the roles I get to fill. I am thankful for creating space in my life that helps me learn to see with better eyes, hear with better ears and speak with better words. 

What going to school looks like for us:


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