Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jack plays Soccer

A week ago Jack took his turn at playing goaly. The first time the opposing team went for a score it slipped right passed Jack's hands. I was sitting on the side lines with Lucas rolling in my lap wondering if letting a goal past would cause jack to shut down and feel embarrassed... To my surprise he handled it wonderfully and tried a new tactic and succeeded at saving 3 subsequent goals! Way to be resourceful buddy my heart seemed to sing. 

This weeks game Jack was super energetic running up and down the field being a part of the action where ever he went. I think a week of 8 hours of tackle football practice this 45 min soccer game seemed to be a breeze for my wonder boy. 

It is such a joy watching Jack excel at something he loves and is passionate about.

Jack does everything with a dramatic flare...even falling.
 Check out the legs in the air:

Jack's attempt to get the ball could have turned into an unfortunate situation for the boy in the yellow shirt... 

They lost.
2 - 1

They played hard but that face tells you how Jack was feeling about it. Oh that competitive nature in him makes it hard for him to see his achievements among the failures. Oh how I hope with time and experience he will learn to appreciate the lessons from not being the best and not always winning. 


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