Monday, August 10, 2015

Elitch Gardens

The uncertainty before the first ride. He screamed the whole time but then said it was cool after ALTHOUGH he had no desire to go again...

How cute are these two?
LOVE those smiles.

We kept trying to convince Lucas to go on the Ferris wheel and his reply was "it's just not for me!"

My boys developed a love for the tea cups; a favorite ride of mine:)

Before going on the mind eraser. After we sat in and got strapped in he proceeded to SCREAM and SCREAM and did not stop. 

After smiling because it was over. He did not want to repeat that ride. But he didn't die which was amazing in his eyes because in between screams he was yelling "I am going to die!" I am so thankful he lived to tell the tale. Hopefully he will develop a love for roller-coasters like Ben and I...

The view of down town

Mister Twister II Jack rode it 3 times!

My favorites



Gwen said...

Ah, the memories! You can always run faster and longer at Elitch's.

Gwen said...

Ah, the memories. You can always run longer and faster at Elitch's. What fun you had!

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