Monday, August 17, 2015

1st day of School 2015


3rd Grade

I am dying over how handsome he is!
 That mow-hawk took about 10 minutes of his precious time this morning, he has a system down in perfecting it's shape AND it stayed ALL.DAY.LONG.. 

Those big gappy teeth; LOVE THEM! 

When we were shopping for clothes he saw this blue exercise shirt and came running to me and said "this is SO my style!" 
He has recently been referring to himself as the sports guy!



This kid's tongue is sticking out in all his images lately and I love it. 

I never got around to getting his hair cut and so floppy it is BUT I think he wears it well and it staying in place due to A LOT of hairspray!

Also the thumbs up is a favorite of his. 

Those cheeks are so soft and squeezable and a part of me is so sad that by the end of this year that may no longer be the case...

The last couple weeks Lucas has been asking and asking when school starts. I kept showing him the calendar and trying to explain to him with not positive effects so eventually I just said "I will tell you day before and you just need to wait till then. I am sorry, I love you but can not repeat this conversation every couple hours for the next few weeks." Somehow, it actually worked. He totally backed off the constant asking and I am SO grateful!

Last night I told him tomorrow was the day and his face lite up with glee and giddiness. This morning he was beyond thrilled to wear his kindergarten t-shirt which he insisted I cut and sew so it wasn't as long.

At our school there is an awesome tradition where each class enters the school by walking with their class up a red carpet. I think it's adorable plus I get to cheer and holler for 20 mins straight and if there was such a thing as a professional cheerer/holler-er I would make a great one!

In my state of scatterness I had neglected to tell Lucas about this tradition and that the entire school plus family would be gathered outside on the school grounds. As he entered a multitude of people his excitement turned into quiet apprehension. The great thing was as he heard me cheer his name he looked up and beamed at me! I love that my voice and excitement has that response still. 

Jack was fooling around with his buddies he had not seen all summer. His excitement was palpable. As he walked the red carpet he smiled with pride as a group of us cheered his name. Jack really fills with confidence as his experience grows and being half way through his Elementary school career he is blossoming with confidence and leadership qualities already. 

The moment a little embarrassment hit...



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