Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Cheerfulness is a choice. 

Mornings are a blessing. 
They are mine and I look
forward to waking up 
and spending time with myself. 

7:30 rolls around and I simply can not wait a minute longer. I walk into the boys room and turn the light on. Jack's bed is empty but Lucas is wrapped up as a burrito in his warm bed. He is deep in slumber, it's a perfect image for the cover of a lullaby book, I shudder at what his grumpy face will look like after I wake him up. 

Lucas looks up at me, squeezes my hand and says in his muted voice "I love you mommy! You know that, right?" I can't help but beam with a wide smile, my heart fills up with gratitude. It's my job to make sure my children always know I love them and yet Lucas never goes more than an hour without reminding me of his love. I will be following his example more... "Become even as a little child" words that ring in my ears and heart.

The sun is warm and strong, heating our bodies as we make our way to school. I trail behind watching feet pushing the ground with vigor and resting on the back wheel of scooters ready to slow down as they descend down a hill. They look at each other and giggle and then race. I smile because I know that time together, that giggle is strengthening their love and brotherhood. My heart is filled. The moment is ordinary and beautiful. It's amazing what outside air, scooters and sunbeams can do.

Yard work is so invigorating!!! Especially trimming and cutting down bushes and trees. I may have gotten carried away the other day. Jack walked in and accused me of destroying every brush in the yard... apparently there are no more hiding spots left; no comment...

Jack pulls on his big white football helmet and runs onto the field. He blends into a sea of other 3rd graders running around the field, they all look like life size bobble heads. He runs, listens, tackles, throws, catches, runs drill after drill. He is learning what it means to be a part of a team. How everyone's actions effect the rest of the team. Today they did A LOT of push up's, perhaps they will pay attention better tomorrow. He climbs into the car and when asked how he is "tired" is always his answer. I look at him from the rear mirror say I am proud of him then note his sweaty hair and gappy tooth smile as he chows done an energy bar. He is learning and growing faster than I can handle. 

Slow progress is progress none the less.

I am finding myself smiling a lot lately. My life is ordinary and utterly beautiful and often hard but I am grateful beyond comprehension for the people in it and the roles I get to fill. I am thankful for creating space in my life that helps me learn to see with better eyes, hear with better ears and speak with better words. 

What going to school looks like for us:


Monday, August 17, 2015

1st day of School 2015


3rd Grade

I am dying over how handsome he is!
 That mow-hawk took about 10 minutes of his precious time this morning, he has a system down in perfecting it's shape AND it stayed ALL.DAY.LONG.. 

Those big gappy teeth; LOVE THEM! 

When we were shopping for clothes he saw this blue exercise shirt and came running to me and said "this is SO my style!" 
He has recently been referring to himself as the sports guy!



This kid's tongue is sticking out in all his images lately and I love it. 

I never got around to getting his hair cut and so floppy it is BUT I think he wears it well and it staying in place due to A LOT of hairspray!

Also the thumbs up is a favorite of his. 

Those cheeks are so soft and squeezable and a part of me is so sad that by the end of this year that may no longer be the case...

The last couple weeks Lucas has been asking and asking when school starts. I kept showing him the calendar and trying to explain to him with not positive effects so eventually I just said "I will tell you day before and you just need to wait till then. I am sorry, I love you but can not repeat this conversation every couple hours for the next few weeks." Somehow, it actually worked. He totally backed off the constant asking and I am SO grateful!

Last night I told him tomorrow was the day and his face lite up with glee and giddiness. This morning he was beyond thrilled to wear his kindergarten t-shirt which he insisted I cut and sew so it wasn't as long.

At our school there is an awesome tradition where each class enters the school by walking with their class up a red carpet. I think it's adorable plus I get to cheer and holler for 20 mins straight and if there was such a thing as a professional cheerer/holler-er I would make a great one!

In my state of scatterness I had neglected to tell Lucas about this tradition and that the entire school plus family would be gathered outside on the school grounds. As he entered a multitude of people his excitement turned into quiet apprehension. The great thing was as he heard me cheer his name he looked up and beamed at me! I love that my voice and excitement has that response still. 

Jack was fooling around with his buddies he had not seen all summer. His excitement was palpable. As he walked the red carpet he smiled with pride as a group of us cheered his name. Jack really fills with confidence as his experience grows and being half way through his Elementary school career he is blossoming with confidence and leadership qualities already. 

The moment a little embarrassment hit...



Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jack plays Soccer

A week ago Jack took his turn at playing goaly. The first time the opposing team went for a score it slipped right passed Jack's hands. I was sitting on the side lines with Lucas rolling in my lap wondering if letting a goal past would cause jack to shut down and feel embarrassed... To my surprise he handled it wonderfully and tried a new tactic and succeeded at saving 3 subsequent goals! Way to be resourceful buddy my heart seemed to sing. 

This weeks game Jack was super energetic running up and down the field being a part of the action where ever he went. I think a week of 8 hours of tackle football practice this 45 min soccer game seemed to be a breeze for my wonder boy. 

It is such a joy watching Jack excel at something he loves and is passionate about.

Jack does everything with a dramatic flare...even falling.
 Check out the legs in the air:

Jack's attempt to get the ball could have turned into an unfortunate situation for the boy in the yellow shirt... 

They lost.
2 - 1

They played hard but that face tells you how Jack was feeling about it. Oh that competitive nature in him makes it hard for him to see his achievements among the failures. Oh how I hope with time and experience he will learn to appreciate the lessons from not being the best and not always winning. 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Carney Cousins: The "short lived" band

One morning, bright and early the cousins decided that they would form a band and make money. Oh, how they think making money is so easy... Michelle and I found this hilarious as they only have one real instrument; the guitar, their second instrument was a upside down trash can and a plumbing pipe as a makeshift drum stick and of course they had a singer singing lyrics they couldn't decide upon. 

The guitarist

The drummer 

The singer

The sign...

The cutie who watched, listened and learned

An interesting part of their business model for their up coming band was they wanted to charge us for listening. They would come inside and ask us if we could hear their music and of course who on our street couldn't? Once discovering that their music made it's way to our ears they wanted us to pay up! haha!

After about 40 minutes of growing as a band there was some drama like in all band stories. Someone stole money, another one threatened to smash the guitar while someone else retired from the role as lead singer. 

We heard a lot of ;

 I never wanted to be in the band anyway!

This is the worst band ever

Stop trying to control the band!

I'm through with the Band!

And you may have thought boys are not dramatic: WRONG! 

There was a lot of yelling, he said "blah blah blah", "no I didn't" and very sad faces.
We had a pow wow and set up some parameters about the way we treat one another. I did not know whether the cry, yell or laugh with hysterics. We loaded grumpily into to separate family cars and prayed that something we said would sink in so we could enjoy our morning downtown.

We pulled up into parking spots next to one another and the boys got out and practically wrestled one another with a big fat bear hug seeping with love. I think my heart started thumping really loud in the best kind of way. Something did sink in... we are doing something right:)

Our morning from then on was free of band drama and full of positive fun energy. 

Best photo full of real love and forgiveness

Fun moments from our train and downtown adventures

Matching watches for cousins that adore each-other 

Our money shots!

The cousins!

I am not going to lie; it was exhausting but worth it! Love all of these unique, stubborn,  strong willed, brilliant, funny, witty, adventurous and kind boys. Watching them grow is a blessing!
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