Friday, July 10, 2015

Wyoming Adventures: River Rafting

Ben grew up surrounded by men who loved to raft, especially his dad. 
His dad has left a legacy of stories from rafting the rivers of the west. 
A favorite river of the Carney's is the Snake River. 

30 minutes from our camping spot was a beautiful scenic river float down the Snake River followed by the popular float of rapids: 
Big Kahuna, Lunch counter, big rollers, ledgers and more. 
We meet up with two dynamic families who we know and love from church. 

After pumping up the rafts, loading on the gear, strapping life jackets to our bodies and lathering on sunscreen we hopped in the rafts and pushed off into the vast blue Snake River. There was instant water fights, boys throwing their bodies off the raft and into the cool water, sugary drinks and snacks being passed around, giggles, singing and Lucas moaning that "this rafting adventure was not his favorite thing". 

After two hours of scenic a few of the littlest people went and hung out with Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of us did the rapids. That meant Ben and I were kid-less and it was pretty darn fun. 

The weather was fantastic until the last 30 minutes and then the heavens opened with rain and some lighting. We started to paddle pretty fast at that point. There always has to be a little bit of drama; right?!

It was a fantastic memory! 
I am so happy I was able to have a more
positive less  freaky
 experience on the river as last year I kind of saw
my life flash before my eyes several time while rafting the ROARING fork

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