Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wyoming Adventures: 4th July Fireworks

So I have NEVER set of a firework to this day. I am more of a sparkler kind of girl. 
It kind of terrifies me. I have memories of watching news stories of kids getting their body parts blown off due to firework play. 
I think it was England's desire to scare the public so on one would touch fireworks...
Ben on the other hand love, LOVES fireworks and has followed in his fathers footsteps in his giddiness around fireworks. And since his dad is not with us this year Ben and the boys made sure his American spirit lived strong while we played with fireworks. 

When I say "we" 
I really mean 
while I took photos and video from afar 
and everyone else played with fireworks

Again we created these memories with wonderful friends. 


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