Monday, July 13, 2015

Lucas had a Birthday in the mountains

The day after Jacks birthday Lucas said "so it's my birthday now?" I explained that his was the next in the family but it was two months away... Then enormous, uncontrollable tears began and I was scared that I would drown by the end of the day. In an attempt to prolong my life I convinced Lucas to help me make a chain with loops for every day until his birthday. This worked WONDERFULLY until the last week and he decided to just rip all the loops and say "see, now it has to be my birthday!" 

The last few days before his birthday were busy and fun and always accompanied with Lucas asking how many more hours until his birthday...
I think I was just as excited for the day to come.

He woke up with a giant smile and rolled over to me (we were sharing a bed) 
"Mom, it's my birthday! and I love you so much."

Breakfast and presents were a giant hit. Lucas is a grateful human being. With every gift he oo'd and ahh'd, said 100 thankyou's and I love this every few seconds. When he opened the gift from Jack; Minecraft lego. He launched into a bear hug and told him he loved him so much. Ben and I looked at each-other and just about melted. 

Jack was just as excited about the birthday presents. He was choosing the order and using his big brother voice cheering and directing with kindness and enthusiasm but secretly wanting him to open a little at a faster pase. 

The bear hug full of brotherly love

After presents we ventured out into the surrounding area on a little wander-about. 
Everything was so green, the wild flowers were vibrant and birds seemed to sings happy birthday to Lucas. He brought one of his new stuffed animals "croc/snappy" along AND his spider man kite. 

I love these people SO much. 
They are my eternal family. 
My everything!

We had mint chocolate cake (picked out by Lucas and made by the grocery store). 
He was SO EXCITED about this cake and continues to eat a slither every day. 

After cake we loaded into the bed of Grandpa's truck and bounced around while seeping in the magnificent vistas while heading to Granite Creek Hot Springs.

The hots springs were so fun and relaxing.
It was a great way to end the day.

Dear Lucas,

You are;
at one with nature

I love spending time with you. You brighten my day.
 Being with you, talking with you and exploring with you brings me great joy.
 I love the way you express yourself during a yummy dinner with constant exclamations of "mmm" and "yum,yum,yum".
I love how tender and kind you are with you stuffed animals; they are so real to you.
You adore your brother and watching you love on him makes me feel warm and fuzzy. 
Thank-you for being the first to say sorry and I love you
Your smile and crystal eyes are my happy place. 
You take life at a slower pace and absorb it into your heart and soul; you help ground me.

I love you, I am grateful for you and I pray for you constantly. 

In your own words; I love you "from our front door to the sun and back

Much love,

Mum x x x 



Lesley-Ann said...

Lovely post so glad Lucas had a wonderful birthday :-)

Janet Pratt said...

These pictures make my heart smile. I spent MANY days in that area as a young child. My family and I swam at the hot springs each summer and camped at the campground....fond memories abound!

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