Friday, July 24, 2015

Flaming Gorge Trip: Oh the drama!

Getting on the road to Flaming Gorge was quite the theatrical production. 
Ben left the day before to go to Alaska for 9 days while his sister's family came into town for a quick stop. I felt overwhelmed splitting my time up between prepping for our trip, cleaning the house and spending time with loved ones. 

After an early morning taking Reagan to the dog kennel (6am) and a soccer game we swung by home for everyone to go to the bathroom to find out the toilet which was blocked the night before was still blocked...after 15 mins of trying to get the toilet to function normal I headed out to the car smelling mildly of poo (why does that smell stick like velcro?) to find my boys strangling each other...
Literally strangling each other!!!!

What the what???

***Prepare MONSTER warning***

I exploded at them, told them no yelled at them that I couldn't drive all day if this is how we are staring off. A certain someone left the car shouting "go ahead and leave me here!" So I backed out ready to do just that and then my decided that was the worst idea for too many reasons


instead I said if he wanted to earn the possibility of still going then he could buy our lunch

and so it was settled. 

As we strapped back into the car I told my boys I was sorry for the way I had acted, asked for forgiveness and complete silence for the hour.

And then we sat in crawling (slow as a snail) traffic for an hour and a half.

Finally my heart rate returned to a healthy rate and we had quite an enjoyable drive albeit long.

9 hours later we made it to Flaming Gorge and went in the wilderness to eat hot dogs and smores. 
And took lots of DEEP breaths...or maybe that was just me:)

oh the Drama!!


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