Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer lately

The summer started off with swim lessons and they went so great!
Jack really propelled in his ability and enjoyment of swimming which was a relief as its been a rough journey, you can read about that over here.

By coincidence Lucas lucked out and ended up having two of his friends from church in his class. I had a delightful time chatting with remarkable women while watching these lads swim.

Look how cute they are after one of the not so hot days of swim lessons. A few of the days they swam in rain...

Many days we have found ourselves playing outside in our yard. The boys play on scooters, play with ball or some creative game while I do yoga. I love it when this happens.

We have been going to the local pool in our neighborhood for family night and inviting other families. It has been such fun! 

Here is a fun video of one of our evenings making memories! 

On a lovely Monday we joined our friends and visited Hudson Gardens. The weather was so summery, the air was warm and full of wonder and I loved being with people I love. 

One day we went to the lake close by and had a perfect time. Very rarely does an adventure of ours happen without a melt down or some sort of complication to add a dose of drama but this one was perfect!

We also have been visiting a awesome splash park! Lots of water squirt fights and laughter. 

Some days are busy with adventure, some busy with friends and play dates, others busy with house work and some we just do nothing but most days we do something to strengthen our relationships!


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