Sunday, June 28, 2015

God has to be REAL!

The other day Jack and I were enjoying an evening walk. The sun was setting forming a golden hue across the back bone of mountains. Jack was chatting my ear off about how amazing humming birds were. How their wings move in a figure 8 so they can hover and how their beak is specifically designed to fit into the flowers they drink from to get nectar. His description was littered with so many details my jaw just lay open in wonder of this awesome kid of mine. 

Once he finally paused to take a breath I said "well that's proof that God exists!" Jack turned and looked with an inquisitive eye and asked "what do you mean?" 
"well how could a humming bird have so many intricate details that work perfectly in harmony with it's surroundings and are essential to it's survival without a creator? Without God?"

Jack's mind and heart seemed to bounce alive with that thought and stated to reel off many examples of God's existence. We continued to chat with zest and joy as our walk continued. Our hearts felt full and we were radiant with God's light from testifying of His existence as the Almighty creator of all things. 

This moment with my wonderful Jack was a gift 
I shall never forget the way I felt as I watched and felt his heart open and expand in the wonders of his Heaven Father. 
I pray I will have many more moments like these that I can collect and treasure. 


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