Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Letters from Heaven

A friend and I were chatting about how lovely it would be to receive a letter from God in the mail each week or month letting us know how we are doing, that He saw us when we were brave, when we were patient, when we sacrificed, when we were humbly, when we did really hard things, when we said sorry, when we failed, when we tried again. Oh how that letter would be my highlight I thought as I imagined the scenario.

After thinking about my idyllic idea I realize God has a much better one. You see we don't have to wait for the mail to receive our "letter" from God. He is sending us letters constantly it's just they don't often come in an envelope. Sometimes our letter comes though a scripture, a song, a friend, a poem, a book, a conversation, a feeling, a flower, a mountain, a stranger so many ways God is sending us letters, helping us out a little here and a little there and a lot in between. The catch is we have to have a open heart, a willing heart, humble heart in order to recognize it and then receive it.

Tonight I received a said letter from my Father in Heaven. As I drove to the temple listening to a conference talk randomly chosen from many years ago a significant part touched me and answered questions in my heart. Then during my time within the temple I felt deep feelings; I felt heard, seen, appreciated and very loved.

Because my letter from God didn't come in the form of a letter I wanted to write it down to remind me at a later date.

Thanks be to God!


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