Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The chicken's story

When we got back from vacation in Texas we got home to 5 alive chickens who had braved some REALLY cold weather. A couple evenings after being home we let out Reagan. When we went out to fetch her in we saw she had scared off a fox and was looking sadly down at a dying Madison.

Ben picked her up and by the time he placed her in the garage she has died. 

Our hearts felt very heavy that night. Ben and I thought it was Violet but we were wrong and Jack was right with his suspicion that it was our Madison. 

The next week there was lots of talk of death from Lucas.

Then, Last Saturday we were trying to  be good parents and discipline Jack while he was being a little snot. Ben suddenly realized that our next door neighbors were in the yard. We went to check it out. The dogs from behind had got into the yard and had a field day chasing and catching chickens by their necks...sad.

Our neighbors were in the yard trying to save our chickens. They love them just as much as we do. 

Two were down and were in very bad shape. Jack came out to see the reason for the commotion. When he realized he freaked out. My heart then sank even lower. 

We brought the chickens inside and laid them in a box. I stroked them and Lucas sang to them. Jack on the other hand went outside and climbed the fence and yelled no YELLED at the dog's who in his words Murdered our chickens

That evening we were all sad. 

We sure miss Violet, Madison and Rose but a grateful to still have Star and Garfield!

Here are some photos of our two soldiers that are left;



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