Tuesday, February 10, 2015


This my friends is an onion bagel with peanut butter and jam smothered on top. 

I thought it would be a disgusting combination but according to Lucas it was delicious!

He ate 


Jack was too sick for school. 
We were driving home from school after dropping off Lucas we spotted two coyote's in the field near our house. I just had to grab my camera and snap a pic or two. Jack decided he wanted to see how close he could get. They took off as soon as he headed towards them. 

silly boy.

We had another day of stunning weather so naturally we had to be out in it; even if Ben and I felt like a truck had rolled over us. Sometimes I find it is better to exert the energy to get the family out of the house instead of being cooped up indoors having the kiddos be cray cray while us adults try to recuperate. 

We walked to the park, threw the ball for Reagan, played some football with Jack and watched Lucas slide down the tall metal slide on his tummy backwards. 

It was a good time. 

Oh and when I said we I really mean Ben because I spent most of it laying on the grass feeling the warm sun penetrate my skin... and taking photos:)

We are down to only two chickens:(

One was killed by a fox.

two were killed by neighbors dogs. 

Sad times. 

it seems silly how much our hearts hurt when these chickens died but they did hurt and we sure miss Madison, Violet and Rose clucking and strutting around the yard. 

I think we will get more but perhaps wait till we are out of snow season. Till then we will enjoy Star and Garfield.

This is star

The is "Alice" the neighborhood rabbit

Our view from our Sunday drive when we were all to infected with germs to go to church.
Instead we visited God's glorious creations and marveled. 

My lovely and kind neighbor who happens to also be a photographer radomly called to me from over the fence to see if I would like to try out his Canon 85 mm L Lens...Uh, Yes please!

Of course I shot one of my favorite subjects:


And then for no reason Lucas was naked....


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