Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lucas explores


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lucas creates

A few mornings ago Lucas told me that he wanted to make some scriptures. 

Lately he has taken a lot of interest in his scriptures and it makes my heart fill with joy. 

He brought his Book of Mormon down and said he wanted to copy it and make his own. 
I cut the paper and stapled them and then Lucas CREATED.
It was pure delight to watch him copy letters; paying detailed attention. 
He then copied each picture; seriously I have never seem him put so much effort into any drawing before this. 

This little book is a treasure indeed!

It makes my heart swell with joy as I see my children learn, remember and love the stories in the scriptures. The scriptures bring me such joy, comfort and peace. They direct me and teach me. 
I know they are true!
I pray that one day my boys will have testimonies of the truthfulness of the scriptures because that knowledge has blessed my life in un-measurable ways. 


Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Breast Lump

I am laying on the doctors table with my chest exposed. 
My chatter box personality is alive as I try to forget the light-saber needle that is about to spend 10 minutes inside my body. 
A week ago I had no idea I would be having a lump removed from my breast. I had no idea the range of thoughts that would cruise through my mind shaking my reality. 

"Oh! Jessica you need to keep you hands down, no talking with you hands," the nurse tells me and smiles kindly at me. I push my hand under my right thigh and look at the ultra sound computer screen; I see my breast and the unwanted lump in question.

I am numb.
 I watch the needle/knife cut into my lump. It doesn't hurt, but I can feel tugging, pulling and my mind plays games with me. "You don't have to watch" my doctor reassures so I turn my gaze to my sweet nurse. We talk about my boys while in the back of my mind I am patiently praying for the end. Suddenly they turn the suction on and my cut up breast lump is sucked out of the very long tube attached to my breast. 

And it's over. 

And the wait begins.

I feel peace mostly but still my thoughts wander to scary unknown possibilities. 

I find myself in the dressing room awkwardly climbing into my clothes, my body shakes, it trembles and tears roll down my face. I guess this is what they call SHOCK. I feel it and stay there for a moment. 


I leave and wait some more





 just 24 hours


it seemed longer.

My news was good, oh so good. 
I don't have cancer I just had a lump that's benign. 
I smile very big and text my family and close friends sharing my good news.


then I thought

what of the others who received their calls today. 
Who received the same news as I and who received news that rocked their reality and world in painful and very real ways? 

It's a bizarre feeling to be so thankful that you don't have a challenge that is so painful and real for someone else, not wanting them to have that challenge but just very happy that is it not your reality.

As my thoughts lingered in this space of gratitude for my news but sadness for the reality of others I recommitted to living closer to God and allowing this experience to change me, to mold me into a better, kinder, more humble and grateful child of God. My life is littered with goodness, with blessings, with beauty, with truth and joy. 

Thanks be to God!


Pre- Christmas fun

Fun shooting with family.

A visit with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

Fun Christmas lights


Friday, January 16, 2015


Thoughts are as constant as the drip from 
a tap that wasn't fully shut off...
they drip,
they drop
they seep into all the cavities of the mind
leaving a trail 
a pathway
interconnecting everything together 
and yet separating everything
 Our thoughts shape our reality
reality also shape our thoughts
so what to do?
take every drop of thought and 
recognize it
acknowledge it
feel it
and then send it somewhere 
where it will help you
move forward
gain momentum along your journey
your journey 
called life
and then


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our trip to TEXAS

*video at the bottom

After all the fun of Christmas morning we headed to the airport to fly to Texas. FYI flying on Christmas day was actually quite pleasant; small lines, few people and excited kids looking and gasping at planes, you get the picture... Although I was not for a second going to have our dinner at a fast food restaurant, much the boys dismay we ate at the nicest restaurant we could find in the airport...

We flew into Austin and met up with our Texas family; The Weymouths! After staying the night in a hotel we headed to Laredo via San Antonio.

It was over cast but humid. I found it exciting driving in a different state. In Texas (the parts we drove through) their traffic lights are hung side ways, they have a grocery store called H.E.B and the interstate roads drive through the middle of all the commerce. 

We stopped at the temple. Ladies and gentleman this is the lovely San Antonio temple; it was a delight to the eyes!

Can I just say I really really LOVE to see the temple:)

We explored San Antonio for a half day. It was a town full of energy, culture, beauty and art. I kind of LOVED it!

We took a boat tour, went to the Alamo and ate ice cream. 

We stayed two nights in Laredo and saw Mexico. We were on one side of the river and mexico was on the other side. Ben was pining after mexico but without passports we could not venture so I kept a close eye on him and made sure he didn't escape into Mexico:)

Sunday morning we loaded up the cars and headed out to South Padre Island. We went to church along the way and arrived late after noon to our vacation rental. We spent the next four nights in the rental having a great time.

It was chilly weather but we still went to the beach!

We went on a dolphin cruise and saw DOLPHINS! So magical. We also got to see a lot of other great wildlife. The kids were entranced.

These Pelicans were everywhere. How cool are they?!

I was super thrilled to capture a bird of prey after he caught his lunch for the day!

This is South Padre Island from the Sea! 

We found two Portuguese man of war jelly fish which have a mega sting, thankfully none of us stepped on one.

 Jack, Ben and I had surfing lessons which was AWESOME!!!! I loved every second of it. We rented the board after to continue playing. Here is Benjamin doing his stuff.

We visited the turtle sanctuary rehabilitation center. The turtles were so beautiful!

This is the youngest cousin William who is just the cutest thing since sliced bread.

Here is the video of our time at South Padre Island. 

I had a fabulous time in Texas! Truly it was a great break for the every day and a wonderful time to strengthen our family and share beautiful memories.
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