Friday, November 7, 2014

October re-cap

Wow what a month October was!

October started with General Conference my post about it is here; a weekend filled with goodness. There was so much excitement in the morning that Jack and Lucas bonked heads and Lucas got a pretty big bulging black eye. 

He didn't seem to sad about it.
See for yourself:

Jack's flag football season wrapped up; it was pretty fun!

It was Ben's Grandpa Carney's birthday.
 We had a beautiful family get together with food, treats and good company. 

Lucas came home from pre-school one day with his mind set on making a bat-house.
That is whats we did.
It is still sitting taped to the tree.

I did a whole bunch of yoga here and here. Spent time outside feeling alive, eating basil, being silly and doing Christmas projects a few months too soon with Lucas.

Jack got his first filling and was quite terrified. check out his hand in the second image. I think he is totally calm...right?

The boys and I went to Hudson Gardens, lots more pictures here. It was lovely and we enjoyed many wonders.

Jack had several play dates with his buddy Tyler, their video of what fun at the park looks like is here and pictures.

The picture of Ben and I, is right before he was taught how to administer my monthly B12 shots. 

I dislocated my knee and tore up my ligaments. I am doing physical therapy right now. I am being the best ever patient so I can by pass surgery:)

we carved our pumpkins here and had an awesome Halloween here

Jack participated in the Elementary school's 2nd grade "Autumn leaves" music program. 
I only got a short snippet but it sure makes my heart fill with light. 


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