Thursday, November 13, 2014

it's snowing here...

The snow started coming Monday.
Small little flurries falling slowing from the sky.
Somehow falling snow always brings with it a sense of wonder and magic.
Entranced; the boys were giddy in the front room watching our neighborhood turn white.

After homework we ventured outside to find the chickens and put them in their coop. This was harder that I had anticipated. After almost an hour and help from Jack and Lizzie we got them in their coop that was being warmed up by a heat lamp but my fingers were icicles and ready to break...but they didn't thank heavens!

It is now day three of our winter wonderland with a high of 7 degrees Fahrenheit; BURRR! It is days like today I realize I wouldn't do well in Alaska...Sorry Lindsey. Sorry Elaine. Sorry Ben. I just think I might die in the cold. Just maybe.

Jack's buddy came over and we played outside for a quick second before the white witch from Narnia turned us all in to stone


of course I made a quick little video:)


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