Monday, November 10, 2014

A hard day.

It was a day that followed a glorious, powerfully enlightening day. 
I woke up after having little sleep but feeling full and joyful. Although I was tired, I was grateful. I was smiling as my boys snuggled me in bed. We took a pictures and our smiles were radiant and true.

And then I discovered a
major mice infestation; 
i'll spare you the details but I'll assure you it was awful. 
I was trying to keep a good attitude but it was just so hard. 
I allowed my negativity to rub off on my kids and fill the house. 

The day ended with me on my knees praying, asking no pleading for forgiveness...
and then I hear a child heaving, "Throw-up" I think. I run into the boys room. 
Poor Lucas is standing there shaking covered in vomit, a puddle on the new carpet and a puddle on the bed. 

Through the grace of God I was able to maintain a good attitude and sort everything out.
Lucas laid next to me in bed and we watched "the fault in your stars". After sobbing through the movie I prayed again and thanked God for my terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. Yes, my day was all those things to me but I was healthy, my body was free of disease, I have a family, an adventure called life ahead of me. I really am living a glorious journey even if it is littered with bad days. I poured out thanks unto God and shamefully admitted my faults though humility. 
Oh how grateful I am for repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

The next morning was better. The sun shined brighter and
I was closer to God. 
I could feel Him sending love and help my way;
for this I am grateful,

Lucas fast asleep the day after he was sick. 

Jack and I having movie time and togetherness time.


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