Wednesday, October 22, 2014

thoughts on yoga

I used to pretend that I liked Yoga... I really wanted to like it, wanted to love it but boy holding those poses while breathing deeper and deeper was somewhat torturous. Muscles were shaking, there was no intense music or bouncing movement to distract me from the challenge. All the yogis looked smooth, full of flow and grace while I interpreted it with bounding thumps and clumsy movement; this was not good for my ego especially being a dancer; I was supposed to look good right?

I can honestly say I have come to LOVE yoga. All the things I found challenging about yoga have been what I have come to love.

Now when I am breathing deeper into the movement, i breath in and out through my nose, focusing on only my breath and my powerful, wonderful body sending energy to create more space within my body and it's movement. Every now and then something truly remarkable happens; a muscle releases and lengthens. It is amazing! The body is amazing! I will think I am lengthening as much as possible but then it releases and I go deeper so much deeper. It always surprises me.

Our muscles hold our tension created by fears, stress, anxiety, sadness, loss, judgment, denial and more and when we give our bodies the space, time and focus a release comes and it is truly lovely.

I love that in yoga you cannot avoid the challenge. You have to face it head on and only then you will grow. Isn't that the truth with life's challenges? If we continually live our lives avoiding our challenges and weaknesses we eventually will become consumed by them. If we face them, look at what we can do to change them and then work at it we will see improvement.

Here is some of yoga action from the other day. I record it because I want to track my progress!


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Kimberly Presbury said...

WOW, Wow, wow. That first picture should be on the front of a Yoga magazine or something. STUNNING!

Also, I don't think you are allowed to look THAt AMAZING while doing Yoga.

You are amazing Jess, I couldn't do any of that, i've lost all my strength and have zero flexibilty.

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