Thursday, October 9, 2014

our master room re-do

I have many gifts but decorating never seemed one of them. Growing up what my room looked like was never of great importance to me, as long as there was some Yellow (my VERY favorite color) I was very content. I have always been more concerned with other things. 

Then after becoming a wife I wanted to make a beautiful home but the pressures of limited money and a lack of knowing what my/our style was I did little. 

Then kids can along and would undo any of the spaces I created and I lost a desire to learn how to create a beautiful home. A dear friend of mine who is also an amazing decorator said I should create a home that reflects me and my family. 

I finally feel like I know what my style is. I know what designs I love and feel renewed and energized by. The last year I have fallen in love with creating a beautiful home that reflect our family. I have found because I love these spaces I am so much better at keeping them tidy and useful. Jack says that i am "re-inventing our house". 

I LOVE our master room! 
I feel a lot more peace and joy in this space. It is bright, calming and joyful. I really just bought paint curtains for my closet, then utilized what I already had by painting it or covering it and making frames from our old fence wood. By the way I LOVE MAKING FRAMES; it is so fun!

Here is a peek into our world in which we live:


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Lesley-Ann said...

WOW WOW AND MORE WOW, looks amazing can't wait to see it :-)

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