Thursday, August 28, 2014

Little Red Fish Lake, IDAHO

We drove and drove and drove some more. I am pretty sure our bottoms had become molded into our car seats, but finally we made it to Idaho and then on to Little Red Fish lake. This area of Idaho is beautiful and wild. It holds a special place in the hearts of Ben's family and now our kids have glorious memories of this magical place. Don't you just love traditions? I do!

The morning of leaving on our camping trip I visited the doctor and we discovered that a nasty stomach ulcer was the reason why I had felt so gross. Luckily, I was drugged up on medicine and by day two of camping was feeling a lot more normal; what a blessing!

In the morning Jack and I went to check out the light on the lake as the sun was rising. It was breathtaking and marvelous. I feel so thankful for the gift of sight, to be able to behold such beauties made by our Creator.

Little red fish lake

We warmed up by the fire each morning (except for the morning when the heaven spilled water all over us) I love lazy camping mornings just sitting around the fire and enjoying good company while the smells of the wild rule our senses.

One of my favorite parts of little Red Fish lake was watching the kids at the lake. The lake was like a ginormous paddling pool; for about 50 feet out the water was just waist deep for the boys. They searched for Minos and trout. The rowed the rafts. They dug with sticks. They smiled and soaked up the sun. They imagined and it was lovely.

Nature is amazing

As some point during swinging in the hammock it may have fallen to the ground, perhaps more than once...yes,  several times; it was amusing each time it happened accompanied by belly laughing.

We also had fun at Alturas lake and visited big red fish lake.

 Wearing goggles awkwardly

Ben unsuccessfully flipped his pack raft; it was hilarious!

in front of big fish lake


Flash back: toddler and his dog

Is this not the cutest flash back EVER? 

I am in love with these images I took of Jack when he was a wee 3 year old with his puppy dog Reagan. 
I simply can not believe how fast time seems to fly. 
How did he double in age plus a year? 
Seriously, I had Jack when I was at BYU and it seems like a world away. 
These images were taken just a few months after moving into our house and now we have lived here for 4 and a half years. 
When I really think about how time is moving by I think about how I am spending my time and if I am headed in the direction I want to be going.
Sure gets me pondering:)


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lengthening my stride

It has been too long since Reagan and I went running. This morning we were going out to breathe in the delicious cool air and wake our bodies up. I put the harness on Reagan and off we run. Run is a nice word to describe what was happening. A better picture would be to say I was being dragged at full speed up the hill as if Reagan were my horse and I was in a carriage but we had no carriage only my legs. My pathetic wobbly yet determined legs. And my legs turned into jello when we returned home.

What was interesting was when Reagan was pulling me I lengthened my stride and ran quite beautifully and fast. At the end when I let her off the leash and I ran the last stretch by myself I couldn't achieve the same speed or form. It got my mind turning...I was thinking about challenges in our life that might feel like we are being pulled at top speed in a direction but perhaps its when we are pulled with force that we "lengthen our stride" by prioritizing those important to us, by being useful and grateful, by seeing the good in others and using our time wisely. It's then that we often achieve greatness.

Because I was forced to lengthen my stride by my darling/loopy dog I was capable of running a pace of 8.7 minute per mile! Pretty awesome for me.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mothering moments

We are sitting shoulder to shoulder on the coach. The movie is just beginning. There is something so magical about the music score of Harry Potter, you both are captivated immediately. It is simply magical watching your eyes glow with wonder as Harry catches the snitch in his mouth and hearing you chant "Gryffindor! Gryffindor!" By the end you wish you could have a wand and wonder if Hogwarts is a real place or not, "I don't know" I say hoping they believe there is... 


You are sitting on the edge of your seat, your legs are swinging to and fro as you take messy bites from your pistachio muffin. It's green and you think that makes it magical! You look up at me with a twinkle in your eyes and say "its deewishus!" I smile and feel thankful to have a little you and me time. Our lives have been a little crazy lately and it was nice to do something normal like grocery shopping and eating our yummy muffins after while we chat with the store workers. They all adore you, but that is no surprise because it seems if people see that smile of yours accompanied by your sparkling eyes they are instantly in love with your level of cuteness! I am too until you spill soil all over the bathroom floor, draw on your body, spit water in your cousins face or tell me something that sounds like Egyptian... Oh how I love you.


You were so excited for me to play with you. We sat on each side of the chess board; you HAD to be the color black. We started the game. With each play you share some rule which I have never heard of before, "hummm, I am not sure that is a rule..." You are certain you rules are legit but secretly I knew you were writing new rules of the ancient game of chess; this is so like you to become the authority and create something new. I smile as I watch you enjoy each play hoping to get my king in check mate. We talk about how fun it would be if it was like Wizard's chess from Harry Potter; we giggle as we imagine it. Somehow you won and for the rest of the day a smile rested on your face while your ego grew. I can barely believe you are old enough to play a game of chess!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

my family

   I am fiercely devoted to these wonderful people in my life.

 Come rain or shine they are first on my priority list....




Monday, August 11, 2014

Another day at the lake

Days before we headed to Idaho for our last slice of adventure and family before school starts we headed to our local lake again. 

I always find that when the kids are outside in God's creations life they are happier and I am too. 

I love watching the kids explore and discover their surroundings. 

It is quite magical.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why is parenting so hard?

Seriously, it has to be the hardest thing I have ever attempted.

Sometimes I wonder why, oh why can I not figure this whole thing out? 
Why can't I just find the magic book with all the answers to my questions? 
Why was I not programmed to just know how to handle this? 
Why is parenting the most exhausting challenge? 
Why do sometimes our tactics work and other times nothing works? 
Why do all the parenting books profess they have the solution and yet don't? Seriously, I have read SO many!
Why am I filled with guilt some days when I honestly know I am trying so hard to be better but the guilt encompasses me?
Why one minute it is parenting the best journey ever and in the next the total opposite?
Why does it illuminate all my flaws?

 I have just become a witch!
We are at the end of our summer with one big vacation left which is STRESSING me out as we will return straight into the first day of school. The thought of being in a car with two kids that need space from each other seems a little like a jail sentence. My kids are moaning, screaming and at each others throats constantly! 

A part of me just wants to lay on the floor and cry because I feel like I couldn't be a worse mom. 

I know that's not true.

I should not be so negative.
I need to pull myself together.
It's probably just my hormones.

I know in my heart that I am really trying. I really am.
I am FAR from perfect but I have great desires to be better I just wish it was easier. 

The fact is I love the idea that if I just tried hard enough I would figure this whole parenting thing out but I know that is never going to be my reality. 

What I do know is that the challenges I have in parenting are what most frequently bring me to my Savior Jesus Christ. 
If it was easy I wouldn't ask Him for help.
If I had found the magical answers to all my questions and concerns would I come unto Christ?
If I was the best mother ever would I remember to use Christ's Atonement to find peace in this journey or would it all be in vain? 

I guess the reason why parenting is so hard for me is because it is what keeps me developing my relationship with my Redeemer and Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows I will come to Him, find grace in His open arms if I am lost searching for direction and help. For the LOVE Christ has given me failing at parenting is a small price to pay. 

After all he has done for me it is nothing....

Deep breaths...

I can
 do this,
I can do anything...


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July: recap

July began with an awesome 4th of July parade, water fight and camping adventure that you can read about and see TONS of pictures here

We had three performances for our Music and dance program My Time to Shine, we had rehearsals every Wednesday morning up in Brighton, here is our awesome cast:

A beautiful album I made for some great clients came. I LOVED it so much! Check their wedding out here.

The boys got check ups are growing like weeds.

Had some awesome water fun with our friends before they left for Alaska.

Jack learned how to cut the lawn

I walked into a tree branch and busted up my eye....

Put together some photo collages for Ben's dad Funeral. It was such an honor to go through Mikes photos from past and present and create collages that celebrated his life. This one is from his early years;

After the burial;

After our sad news of loosing Ben's dad we got to spend some time with all the cousins

Truly is there anything cuter than cousin's taking a bath together???

The answer is a big fat NO:)

Silly Jack faces

silly Lucas faces

Silly Oliver faces

Adorable William. Did I mention this was the first time I got to meet our newest nephew...

Some silly Sam faces

Me and my boys at church

Another day with my two favorite little people

Reagan learn't how to use a treadmill and now she averages a couple miles a day.

July was filled with experiences; the great, the fun, the Adventurous, the sad, the hard, the heart wrenching and the spiritual. But with all of it it was a month of growth. 

I am thankful for the opportunities during July that have brought me closer to my Redeemer and Savoir, I can honestly say I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES! 
I just know it!

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