Friday, January 31, 2014

Smiling Moments

I have noticed my abilities to focus on the negative lately. By the time dinner time rolls around I have little to zero recollection of happy moments that happened during the day. I know they happened but have trained myself to accentuate the negative. This needs to stop because lets face it I am only on earth once and only live each day once so I would like to fill my mind with the moments that made me smile. The moments were I was victorious. The moments when I felt the Spirit of God. The moments when I realize why I am doing what I choose to do.

I am working on a system that can help me retain the beautiful moments. Because I believe these beautiful moments will propel me with greater strength through the harder ones and lets be honest there are a lot of the harder ones and an extra push forward will be welcomed.

I am challenging myself to answer some questions each day. These questions are a work in process but here are my answers from yesterday:

30th JAN
When did you catch yourself smiling? This morning when we said family prayers. Lucas was squeezing his eyes closed so tight and his arms folded like he was in a strait jacket. It was perfectly cute and adorable. I felt grateful to be his mommy.
When did you leave a “chore” to acknowledge your kids? And how did it make you feel? After getting out of the bath with Lucas I had so much to do but he wanted to snuggle. We snuggled and he ended up falling asleep wrapped in his towel on my bed. I found myself just treasuring a moment where I was his home. Where my arms were his choice place. Where I was safety and love and support.

Why did you choose to sacrifice so much today? This morning Jack forgot his backpack so we went home to retrieve it. He was very emotional. Somehow I was rather relaxed. I sat there waiting for him to come back in the car with his back pack thinking WHY? Why so much drama? I realized that a lot of that drama comes from me and he needs stability and love but also an out let for his energy. I sacrificed to help him because I believe he will flourish into a strong wonderful boy and man.

My Awesome friend suggested the idea of a smiling moments jar. I am going to do it. I will record positive moments that bring a smile to my face through-out my day and let the jar fill up. I am going to see if this helps me not only remember the positive but learn to more fully live it!

It's snowing here. I love the snow for maybe two weeks a month at tops and then it gets a little old for me. We are getting the "old" stage...

Lucas' speech has regressed so I decided to actually listen and incorporated an idea from his speech therapist. Not that I wasn't listening before but I wasn't as engaged and committed as I could have been. We are now using some cards to help him communicate and so far they have been a lovely help. 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

After school fun

 by the way do you notice how Jack is missing some more teeth?? Yes he lost a tooth two days in a row. One came out in his sleep. Thank heavens he didn't swallow it!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Hotdog's in the mountains and chickens

Its January. Last week it was cold and snowing this week it was delightful and warm enough to head to the foot hills to roast some hot-dog's!

We all felt a little more alive after our fun quick and last minute adventure. 


Random pictures from last year


Monday, January 6, 2014

model rockets from santa

A very happy day!
Thank you Santa for the Model Rockets:)

A Wonderful Christmas

Christmas was a roller coaster as always. I am through with trying to pretend that it is possible for Christmas to go totally smooth...It is just so unrealistic!

This year there were moments that were crazy busy, over whelming and stressful:
Organizing too many parties, being WAY behind on Christmas Shopping and receiving a new responsibility working with the youth at Church

There moments that were delightful and wonderful:
Having family come to US! It was wonderful not to have to travel our little family anywhere this year but spend time with our wonderful family! We had a nativity evening with friends, went caroling and completely enjoyed each other.

There were moments that were relaxing:
Sleeping in till past 7am! How glorious. Going to see frozen, double date at an awesome restaurant and time in the mountains!

There were moments that changed my life:
Participating in a Christmas project of my friends and donating my photography services to a family who have lived in the hospital for the last 6 months. 

Snap shots of Christmas day!

I know God lives. I know God sent his Son to be our Savior so that we could return to live with Him one day again. This testimony of mine was strengthened even more this year.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Beginnings

As I think of my goals for this year I am taking a different approach to last year. Last year I had way too much I wanted accomplish that I quickly lost steam.

This year I am thinking of who I want to become. I want to become more grateful. More grateful in all aspects of my life. I really feel gratitude is a quality I could better develop especially in everyday situations. I challenge myself to specifically thank someone everyday for the rest of the year. I also will keep a gratitude journal.

This year I want to be more purposeful in how I choose to use my time (still determining how I can track this).

In addition and secondary to my main goals here are somethings that I would like to accomplish this year:

  • Design and create a website for our youth stake trek
  • Find ways to help the young women understand their divine identity
  • Dance. Take dance classes in the community. Be BRAVE
  • Compile family videos
  • Digitize old photos
  • Create family photo books
  • Be creative in the ways I document our life
  • Get to know my neighbors more maybe host a neighborhood party
  • Make my home a haven for my family

2013 in review

Another new year and I am sitting here thinking, "how did that happen is it really a new year?" Last year 2013 was pretty great. I learnt a lot about myself and am in a better place ready to face the new and exciting challenges of 2014.

2013 started out with my attitude filled with optimism and unrealistic goals from there I rode a roller coaster of experiences that have helped me better understand the type of person I want to become.

I had my taster of what depression feels like and it sucked. I have so much more empathy for those who battle everyday with the darkness of depression.

I put more effort and focus on my photography business with the emphasis on wedding photography. This was a wonderful experience. I feel like I grew a lot creatively but became so over whelmed at times that I neglected capturing the life that I live. I will take a different perspective this year.

I became THAT parent at Jack's school who is determined to make a difference and be heard. Hopefully this is a good thing...

I have continued to learn more and more about being a parent; fleeting between the feelings of failure, contentment and joy.

I had the best birthday going on a date with my number one to the Imagine Dragon's concert at Red Rocks. It was utterly glorious and memorable. We danced the night away to awesome music. This was the beginning of my new desire to attend many many more concerts. We also went to see Walk the Moon later in the year, it was equally as awesome.

I painted multiple rooms in our house mostly without informing Ben...

I help out at the boys school each week and am slowing finding my place in the school community and developing my perspective of the school system here in Colorado.

I have been zumba-r-ing a lot while strengthening old and new friendships through fitness. My perfect day would consist of multiple hours of fitness with friends; zumba, yoga, cross fit:)

As a family we went on some wonderful camping trips where we hiked and explored the great outdoors. They were probably my favorite weekends.

This year My Time to Shine a Music and Dance company I co own didn't not happen. Initially I was devastated but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Regardless I missed the powerful women I worked with and the dynamic children.

The boys and took a trip to utah and they LOVED flying on the plane and we spent a relaxing week swimming. Both instances we made memories that warm my heart but a favorite was spending 4th of July with the Weymouth's and having headstand competitions. This instance began my quest of achieving a perfect headstand. I practiced everyday for 20 minutes for a month.

My delightful and hilarious husband turned 30! He hustled all year long. He earned himself a new job at the company he works for and continues to amaze me with his abilities. He went to Alaska and brought us home delicious fish and wonderful stories.

For our 8th year anniversary me and the Mr car camped and hiked my first 14er. It was totally awesome except our dog almost died but she didn't thankfully!

Jack continues to make friends with everyone. He is such a social butterfly.

Jack discovered that he can make a car using a stake board, a cardboard box and tape. He did this ALL summer long and boomed down our road on them.

Slowly but surely Jack is learning to control his temper, there is not a day that goes by when I don't think about how I can help him more effectively.

Jack can really READ! It is so exciting to have witnessed his development with reading. I am so proud of him.

Lucas continues to live life a little slower to rest of us. He is a homebody. He gives the best hugs.

Lucas' speech has exploded since starting school, although he is still hard to understand sometimes his vocabulary has grown significantly. I am so happy he is finding his voice.

Lucas LOVES making houses (forts). He will spend hours coloring or doing puzzles. He went through a stage where he would always have a puzzle at the kitchen table to work on during meal times.

I took my first chick trip with three amazing women. We spent a long and glorious weekend in seattle and left feeling spiritually and emotionally renewed.

I decided I needed chickens so Ben hopped on board and made me a coop and we got three delightful chickens and now enjoy fresh eggs daily.

Another trip to Utah to be with my sister as she went through the temple. It was dream come true to be in the temple with her.

I got to use my photography to serve an amazing family who gave me more than I could ever give them; the spirit of Christmas.

We enjoyed our first Christmas where we went NOWHERE and family came to us. It was perfection! I loved everything about Christmas 2013.

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