Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sleeping Lucas

Lucas has disappeared and been replaced by a grumpy monster...I sure hope when he wakes up the REAL Lucas is back.


Carving Pumkpins


Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday thoughts

I have missed writing.

The summer became a little more busier than I had planned but that tends to be the way I roll and even though I really would like to change my inability to say no and commit to less I have not found a way to evolve into something better.

School started and I have been bombing around trying to adapt to the new schedule...I thrive of off routines but am a epic failure when they change. I have had many thoughts and impressions that I need to be more focused on my family, my little people, my home, my spirituality, my relationship with God. Not that I can't or wont do other things but it was becoming apparent that my priorities were a little mixed up. Lately, I have been finding joy in the little things, truly the tiny mundane things have filled my being with light and joy. Here are some that happened this week;

Snuggling with my Lucas. He twirls my hair with his little sticky fingers as the tip or our heads lean into each other and the pillow. Silence. Just breathing in and out. He places his palm on the side of my face and pushed it closer to his own head. My heart flutters as I think to myself "I get to be his Mother." And in that moment I felt closer to God as I saw my life as beautiful and splendid and well worth it.

Watching Jack read. If only you knew what a HUGE triumph it is that he would read without throwing a tantrum. Listening to him sound out the words, taking pauses to laugh at the story line and the look of achievement when he finished it all by himself. All that hard work is starting to pay off. I made me feel that with God's help I can do great things.

Sitting in parent/teacher conference and listening to Jack's teacher describe Jack as a delight to teach as he is honest and innocent. Jack hasn't been easy to parent but he is so good and terribly stubborn but I imagine how great his determination will be as an adult if he can continue to choose the right.

Making food for my family; healthy, nutritious, good food! What a joy it is to have the time to do this, to want to do this and create traditions.

Hugging my husband fills my happy tank right up. Life is busy, he is working two jobs right now and we are so grateful  for all he does to provide for our family but time is limited to be together. I am happy that when went on a date two weeks in a row!! Roller staking fun, racquetball and swimming made for perfect dates.

My home feels like home. Depending on who you are will depend on your opinion of our home but truth be told is it has doors that don't fit, marks and dings in all walls, holes in all surfaces, VERY ugly bathrooms (one of which doesn't even work) many, many hidden and not so hidden projects, 95% of everything is hand-me-downs but I feel so much love here in our home.

Our home is where I teach my children that they are a Child of God.
Our home is where I serve daily those I love so dearly. 
Our home is where we build family traditions.
Our home is the home of so many spiritual experiences.
Our home is where we pray together.
Our home is where we study God's word.
Our home is where we play awesome games of hide and seek AND sardines.
Our home is where we disagree and learn to compromise.
Our home is where we feel the Spirit of God.
Our home is where we design our own destiny. 
Our home is where we dance.
Our home is where we create music.
Our home is where we are always our truest self.

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