Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Standing for truth!

Today I read an article about teenagers who decided to kill a guy because they were bored.


Killing people is now turning into a recreational activity?

Where are our standards?

All you have to do is turn on the TV and within minutes you will see something inappropriate: a woman wearing provocative clothing, people naked, people engaging in intimate activity, suggestive language, people stabbing, shooting or blasting someone up, news anchors sharing stories that are irrelevant and inappropriate about Hollywood relationships... and this can be seen any time of the day. The name of God is taken in vain, thrown around by everyone and anyone everywhere... I thought this country was founded as a nation under we really know how to pay our respects. 

Where are our standards?

TV shows and movies are dedicated to exploring and glorifying violence, adultery, fornication, dis-honesty and pornography and yet we wonder why marriages are not strong and why teenagers are engaging in sexual activity in the walls of their schools. While I am checking out at the grocery store every magazine has a story about "how to have better sex" "the sex scandal" "sexiest woman" the list goes on and on, just think of how easy the word "Sex" is to spell out for my six year old.

Where are our standards?

All I have to do is drive to church and on my way I see giant bill boards with women dressed in very little, their breasts the focus selling a car or something totally irrelevant and yet we ask why women are seen as objects? Adult and children's video games are an exciting assortment of fighting and killing people.

Where are our standards?

Too often we continue watching a movie, a sit-com or listening to a song or engaging in a conversation because most of it is funny or engaging. We are too used to turning a blind eye to the inappropriate material because its easy to let it go and blend in.

But teenagers are killing people because they are bored.

Having sex because they are bored.

People are obsessing over poor examples in the media because they are bored.

Viewing pornographic images ruining their relationship all because they are bored.

Having an affair because their marriage got boring.

Everyone blames the media and yes the media has a HUGE impact on what we are easily exposed to but I think the problem lies with US. We have become accustomed to think we need to be quiet and stop sharing our concerns in case we offend someone. The fact is every time we keep quiet and allow poor morals to be magnified and we are supporting it. Our silence allows it to continue. We must take a stand. We must be particular about what is allowed in our homes, in our minds, about what we absorb and allow our children to absorb. We must no longer make up excuses for others. 

Too often we are quick to point the finger somewhere else and we do this because we don't have to take responsibility and change ourselves. Sometimes the smallest changes are the hardest to make. 

If we all started conversations about how principles of honesty, truth, respect, integrity and kindness are essential to happiness and critical characteristics of a good citizen then this would be a better place. Instead of ranting about it to your spouse or close friend bring it up at PTA, write emails to organizations, stop supporting the avenues that destroy and distort truth, stop being so worried about offending someone and become more concerned with building a better life, a better world for you and those around you and those who will come after you. 

I want standards!

I want to help create a world where people serve each other when they are bored.

Where people make meaningful connections with each other when they are bored.

Where people tell stories from the past when they are bored.

Where creative inspiring inventions are made through boredom.

Where the wonders of the outdoors teach people about divinity when they are bored.

Where people record their life in journals when they are bored.

Where people imagine all the great things they could do when they are bored.

Where people sincerely complement each other when they are bored.

Where people share their inner feelings about their purpose on earth when they are bored. 

Where people draw closer to God when they are bored. 

The change begins with us. If we want to create a bright light of goodness and hope in a world that distorts truths we must all stand and shine as individuals and collectively we will make a difference.

What are your standards?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

July fun with family!!!

Back in July our family came to town and we had SO MUCH FUN! We were so happy to see these wonderful people. We feel so thrilled that they came to visit with us. Our time flew but we filled it with fun activities. 

Fun FHE at Grandpa's house or "Gramps" as Jack lovingly calls him.

Enjoying a relaxing afternoon at our house with this goofball.

Had a great hot day at the ZOO.  More pics check out my photography blog

Got cooled off at the splash park at highlands ranch.

AWESOME fun at the Indian Hills 4th July parade aka "water fight!"

Some of the family...enough said!

Fireworks in Arvada. Learning how to do headstands and having a blast.

Driving up to Mount Evans!

Loving time at Echo Lake

Oh what fun times! Weymouths please come again:)
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