Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Jack

You are getting SO big! Seriously. You don't stop eating which really makes a dent in our grocery budget AND your growing like a weed. You are always the most hungry 5 minutes before you go to sleep...Your hair is still really bright blonde which you get from me along with your lovely eye color, transparent skin and contemporary dance moves BUT your stubbornness comes right from your dad! right??? OK. Fine we are all stubborn in this family but you might win the award for being the MOST stubborn:)

You are right at the end of finishing kindergarten. Life really does fly. I remember your very first day. I didn't feel particularly nervous because you were only going for 2.5 hours so it didn't really seem like a big deal. As they rolled out the red carpet and you excitedly ran in line with your friends you knew from pre-school my heart pounded as I knew this was the start of a new chapter, a long chapter of school life. Now knowing that you will be going to school full time next school year my heart cries a little. I feel sad that you will spend MORE time with your school community than you will with me during the week. I can't really express why it makes me sad. I guess more than anything I am nervous that people wont love you the way I do. That others wont realize all your strengths, your capabilities and wont recognize when you are scared or nervous. You are just so remarkable.

This last year has been somewhat of a roller-coaster in terms of your emotions. It seems that you have A LOT of explosive emotions (the good and the bad) within you and often its really hard for you to control them when you become angry or are going through a grow spurt or are tired OR all three! This is where your stubbornness can create some challenging situations.

Sometimes when you scream and throw your body around its really hard for me to stay patient and loving. I am trying so hard and ask Heavenly Father to help me treat you and love you the way He would have me do but sadly I have made many mistakes and of that I frequently say sorry and ask for your forgiveness. You are really forgiving...thank you!

Even though I don't understand the feeling you have I do LOVE you so much. You are incredibly smart. The questions you ask blow my mind! You are always thinking and trying to figure this world out. The other day when it was snowing in May you said, "Mom, doesn't Heavenly Father know it is Spring? Why is He making it snow!?" I could see the clogs turning in you head as if you were thinking about informing Heavenly Father in your daily prayers that he has the seasons mixed up.

You are really passionate about riding in the front on your bike, but you have made it very clear that it is not short weather yet (even though it was almost 70's today) and you beat the family three times at uno last night! I have taught you too well. You adore and idolize your daddy (me too) you live to play with him. Just the other day I heard you send your friend home because your dad was home and you needed to play with him. You ask daddy question after question and dote on his every word.

What a journey motherhood has been for me and I am sure there is so much yet to come. I love coming into your bedroom at night and watch you sleep or pull your finger out of your mouth (you have declared you just cant kick that habit). I often kiss you and whisper sweet nothings into your ears and often you will reply back in your sleep.

I LOVED supporting you at your spring training and spring fun run. I felt so much joy and pride as I watched you do something hard (run 2 miles every week!) I loved to see your face light up and legs run faster as I cheered you on. It felt wonderful to know that my presence gave you confidence and motivation to be better and achieve hard things.

I truly love you and know that Heavenly Father sent you to be my son to teach me many great lessons,

Much love

your Mum x x x

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cousin fun!

So a month ago after I finally recovered from my wisdom teeth travesty my mum and dad came to visit and they brought with them a very special passenger: cousin JOSH!!! Jack was thrilled to have his cousin from Utah come to visit and stay THREE nights at his house! It was great fun.

Luckily, the weather was perfect for outdoor play! Lots of time outside playing at the park, running at race training, riding tricycles, clearing away branches, hiking, playing in water and eating ice cream....hummm


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Snow in April and May

Colorado does not seem to understand that Snow is the sign of winter not spring...

It seems that each week of Spring so far we have has a snow day that melts within a day and a half. It was kind of frustrating but pretty fun too:)


Monday, May 6, 2013

Our trip to The Botanical Gardens

A while ago on President's Day my little wonderful family took a trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens. It was lovely but chilly. I had forgotten all about until I came upon these gems. The flowers were spectacular!

These boys were pretty cute too:

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