Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jack lost a tooth

Jack little tooth was literally hanging on by a thread. I finally convinced him to let me pull it out. With one tiny twist it was out. he was a tad bit horrified but I looked at him with so much excitement that he decided to be excited too.

It was my first experience at being a tooth fairy helper. Apparently she write letters. I had no idea. I guess Jack goes to school with kids that had over achieving mothers. Jack was really worried that he didn't get a letter, I was thinking I had failed in creating magic. In my awesome sneakiness I wrote a letter and slipped it into the cover of his pillow. I then asked Jack to show me exactly where he found his money. We look and I suggested that he look in the pillow case because maybe the letter was there.

After finding the letter he was so pleased. He kept telling me that he just knew there had to be a letter and figured it moved while he was asleep!

I am so sneaky:)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful Light

Right now the most lovely light happens in my front yard at about 3:30pm. Today, we were out there playing and I just had to take pictures.

Lucas wants to do everything Jack does and when Jack goes off to play with his friends Lucas sometimes feels like he is missing out on something super but then he realizes he has me and he is happy...most of the time. Luckily, Lucas is a mommy's boy and loves my attention.

We were playing peekaboo ad his cuteness was delightful.


They may know exactly how to drive me nutty but boy do they know how to melt my heart!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Potty Training

As I have the worlds cheapest carpet that is soiled by dog pee I decided this was the best time to start the dreaded journey of potty training with my little guy Lucas.

Ugh! I really think potty training is one of the WORST parts of motherhood. So far we have only managed to get one pee in the potty but I have maintained a very happy encouraging tone so far not too sure how much longer I can keep it up...


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The other day we had delightful weather and the dogs were outside playing with Lucas. Lucas was giggling while throwing rocks at the fence, Reagan was searching for the thrown rocks and Abby was just along for the ride bounding about. 

Some mornings I will peek outside the window to see our torn up back yard and see the dogs perched on the edge of the deck tails wagging, noses in the air starring at squirrels. They crack me up! Truly these two dogs are hilarious. For the longest time Abby didn't understand the whole squirrel hunting that Reagan is obsessed with but now she gets it and LOVES it. Don't worry they are never successful. 

These pictures were taken just days before Reagan got staples in the legs and chest due to a hunting accident:(


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One of those days...

Today, I have been feeling like I have lost some of my sparkle. 

You know sometimes a naughty little negative voice pops into your head and highlights all your weaknesses? Well, that's what was happening in my head today. I find the older I get and more I learn the more I realize how much more I need to become BUT the problem is I provide myself with am unreasonable timetable of personal progression.

I kept finding myself trying to remember the wise words from a sister at church who shared her perspective that we have all of eternity to gain skills and talents. Sometimes I feel like I need to accomplish everything now and as lovely as that idea is it is not possible for me. It is not God's plan.

The fact is some days I waste time, a lot of time. Other days I speak in a harsh tone. Sometimes I am not as friendly as I should be. Other times I am lazy. It goes on, you know how it is. I could write a long, long list of qualities that I wish I had but that is n't going to help me. I need to be better at recognizing what I have, count my blessings and take one day at a time to build person I want to be.

Tomorrow will be better. I will be a little wiser and a little more determined to make the best choices and if I fail I will try again. I am grateful that Jesus Christ Atoned for me, because of Him I can continue to improve little by little, step by step and precept by precept.

I must remember that I determine my attitude, I have the ability to change my thoughts and improve my own well being.

I really like the message of this short movie...


Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Story behind The Mormon Flash Mob

Early fall Ben introduced me to the song, "On top of the World" by the Band Imagine Dragons. It spoke to me deeply and I could not stop listening to it. The more I listened to it a feeling inside me grew, a feeling that I needed to create a project using the song. I let that idea hang out in my mind without paying it much energy. But the thought kept prodding me, until I knew that I needed to actually divise a plan.

I had several ideas, I knew I wanted to do something that shared a positive message and time and time again a picture in my mind keep flashing, a picture of LOTS of people. How in the world was I going to get LOTS of people to be involved in a project of mine? The image scared me and I tried to hide it in the avenues of my mind.

After a scripture study with two of my girl friends I was getting giddy sharing that I was going to start a project using this song, I had barely mentioned my few ideas when Elaine said "you need to do a flash mob!" It just made sense! Of course, a flash mob with a message...a Mormon Flash Mob. My heart pounded, you know the way it does when you just know something to be true. And then I felt utterly terrified, I had never done something like this, something of this magnitude. 

As nervous as I was I knew that God wanted me to organize a Flash Mob. I knew that if I did it I would grow closer to Him and others would feel of His love.  

And so the journey of organizing the Mormon Flash Mob began; the blog, the choreography, the videos, finding a venue, working with the venue, finding Mormons to participate, t-shirts, videographers, practices etc... 

The night of the main practice I was SO nervous! I kept thinking what if no one turns up? BUT people turned up and it was truly wonderful. I felt so much love for my participants half of whom I had not met previously. As I watched everything come together I was amazed at how Heavenly Father can take an imperfect girl like me and help me connect with others who help create a beautiful uplifting event; The Mormon Flash Mob.

When we were practicing in the parking lot right before the moment of truth, I felt my body tingle with joy and happiness that I had the chance to draw closer to my Heavenly Father through this experience.  

I believe in doing hard things.
I believe in thinking outside of the box.
I believe that one person can make a difference.
I believe that God cares about Flash Mobs.
I believe God wants to use us as his instruments for good in the world today!!



Thursday, January 17, 2013

The power of Pause

Sometimes I often think if only I could press pause.

I am feeling agitated and feel my patience disappearing: PRESS PAUSE.

My lack of sleep is finally catching up with me and the tone of my voice has changed for the worst: PRESS PAUSE.

I am feeling sorry for myself because I wish I had nicer things: PRESS PAUSE.

I am cleaning up the same mess for the third time in the last hour: PRESS PAUSE.

I find myself speaking negative about another: PRESS PAUSE.

When I am heading in the wrong direction I need to remember to Press Pause to see and better choose the way I want to be acting. Yes external factors can move my emotions in certain directions and boy they do but I also have a CHOICE! A choice to change the direction I am heading in. I must remember to press pause and choose the HIGHER ROAD.

I also must remember to Press Pause to enjoy the BEAUTY.

When my kids are playing well together: PRESS PAUSE and be thankful for the happiness, whether it be short lasting.

When my child is telling me something that is important to them: PRESS PAUSE and listen and learn about who they are and how their little minds work.

When my child is exploring the world around him: PRESS PAUSE and enjoy the child like wonder and awe towards the world.

When we are eating dinner without any drama: PRESS PAUSE!!!! Embrace the moment as it is rare and feel gratitude.

When my kids are sleeping: PRESS PAUSE and thank God for another day as their mother and re-commit to try harder tomorrow.

When my husband complements me: PRESS PAUSE and thank him sincerely and compliment him back.

When hubby and I are chatting, flirting and thoroughly enjoying each other: PRESS PAUSE and realize how blessed I am to be married to my best friend and companion.

When I am driving: PRESS PAUSE and take a look around to see the beauty and to find GOD.

When a prayer has been answered: PRESS PAUSE and thank God!

Each day is filled with opportunities to PRESS PAUSE, to choose the higher road or to choose to count  God given blessings.

Did you PRESS PAUSE today? When will you PRESS PAUSE tomorrow?

This beautiful video encourages the action of PRESSING PAUSE and choosing what MATTERS MOST


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Travels: Utah

Our second part of our Christmas travels was visiting family in Utah. My parents have been living in Utah for three years now and it is so much nicer and cheaper to have them closer. When I previous to this holiday asked Jack what his favorite part of Visiting Utah he responded "playing with my cousin Josh!" He was quite anxious to know when he would get to be with his cousin...I love that they get on now because when they were little they did not.

Our highlights:

  • Triple date + beth;) to Texas road house where apparently everyone else in Utah was... In all the places to get served a drink with Alcohol it happened to be Utah, that was funny as the drink that tasted a little odd got passed from person to person until it was determined that it defiantly had alcohol in it. 
  • Sibling Lazer Tag where we were somewhat goofy and played a prank on the other participants (who we did not know). We thought it was hilarious, they thought we were weird. Oh and we totally rocked that game!
  • Visist's with Ben's siblings in draper; Jack adored Jaxon and I loved seeing everyone.
  • Yummy roast dinner; food always tastes better when some one else cooks
  • Cousin sleep over at Josh's house.
  • Traditional breakfast with the Fowers! So thrilled we could make this work, love them and miss them BUT so happy we got to be with them for a short moment.
  • Family skyping with England family; LOVE technology!
  • Family photo time in the freezing weather.
  • New years just dance and scum; quality time. 
good times, good times, good times!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Travels: Idaho

We began our journey Christmas day after lunch. I was not terribly thrilled that we would not be having the traditional Christmas day with extended family and delicious dinner but like a big girl I smiled and found joy in the journey for I am so terribly blessed.

We seized the roads and went as far as Rock Springs, Wyoming and spent our Christmas night (after a low key Christmas dinner at a place I am too embarrassed to admit to) at a Super 8 Motel; we were living it large! Ha! Well as Ben and I were heading into this with less than optimistic attitudes Jack happens to think Motels are practically the coolest place on earth...don't ask...Within in minutes of getting into our rooms Lucas was tucked up snuggled in one of the beds while jack was jumping on the other with a smile and eyes so wide Ben and I could only giggle.

The next morning we went swimming in the pool; both boys loved it especially the hot tubing. After an enjoyable quick morning we were back on the road to complete our journey to Twin Falls, Idaho. We arrived early afternoon and the fun began...

Jack was a little confused as the last few years we have visited Ben's parent's we have meet them in Island Park at the Browning's cabin and so the first words out of his mouth were" this is not Grandma's house, she lives in the trees."

Our highlights of Idaho:

  • Being relaxed chatting and catching up with each others lives
  • Miracle Hot Springs; the outdoor hot tubing experience in December was a huge hit, everyone loved it
  • Double date with Mom and Dave to a delightful yummy restaurant were we giggled and filled our tummies to the brim.
  • Catching up with extended family
  • Lucas and Grandma had lots of Puzzle dates with each other
  • Ben and Jack put together the Model rocket Jack got from Santa
  • The model rocket launching event at the high school field with extended family
  • Trip to Grandma's work; hold snakes and worms and see lots of creations
  • Shooting Dave's new gun; woo hoo!
  • Our Christmas dinner with English Christmas crackers!
It was a short visit that seemed to fly by far too fast. We sure loved every minute .


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Eve and Morning

Christmas Eve seemed a little filled to much to the brim with lots to do; last minute shopping , making and delivering Cinnamon rolls for neighbors, dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Carney's, kids to bed, wrap more, work for Santa and snuggle with the hubby.

Amazingly, Jack and Lucas did not wake up until 7:10!!! I am not quite sure how that happened but I was delighted.

Jack is a traditionalist, kind of like me. Everything has to be done perfectly;

  • Daddy checks downstairs to see is Santa came and turns on the lights
  • Jack and Lucas cover their eyes as we creep down the stairs past the pressies into the family room to discover the stockings
  • Dump out the stockings and enjoy goodies
  • Go into the front room and see pressies from Santa, read notes and dive in; enormous joy experienced by both children. Jack was thrilled to receive a model rocket and Lucas thought his floor puzzle was tremendous. AT this point Lucas just wanted to play and had no desire to open anything else BUT Jack still had plenty of wrapping frenzies lefts in his finger tips. 
  • Pass out pressies from under the tree to everyone and take turns opening presents until we are covered in wrapping paper and smiles.
Our morning was slow and wonderful, even had a wonderful bath...

Here is a peak into what it looked like:




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