Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zoo trip



My mum can into town for a long weekend and she treated me! Oh how pampered I felt. We stayed in a hotel and I slept SO GOOD! Her snoring didn't even wake me. We had delicious Indian food, frozen yogurt  went on a walk, got a pedicure and went shopping. Lovely!

Thank you so much mum!


Monday, November 12, 2012


I love these little dudes! They don't always get a long BUT when they do it makes all my efforts worth while. Enjoy there delightful interactions:


Sunday, November 11, 2012

It is good to do big things

So I am planning a huge event that is leaving me feeling a little nervous.

I heard a song a while ago and feel in love with it, instantly I knew I had to do a project with this song but didn't know exactly what. It sounds cliche but truly every time I thought about it I felt the spirit reaffirm that I needed to do a project. After planning and talking with others it became clear that I was supposed to organize a flash mob to this song, a Mormon flash mob. As soon as I knew this I about had a heart attack. That's a huge project, I was hoping for something smaller...but I knew that if I did it it would be great.

So here I am ready to take on this project check it out here: http://mormonflashmob.blogspot.com/

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween Costumes

My boys in the costumes all ready for Halloween:

The ghost buster

The Ninja!


My journey to being organized

A while back I was finding myself picking up after my kids constantly. Master Jack leaves a trail behind him everywhere he goes and I was exhausted of telling him to pick up. The more I asked him to pick up and put things away the more resilient he became. What was I doing wrong? I was reading a book by Richard and Linda Eyre and had a revelation. He was probably copying me, I was not modelling picking up and putting away my things. I have always been a pile maker and that is the example Master Jack was exposed to how would he know how to do differently?

As I looked at my behavior and habits I realized that I was not modelling the actions I was expecting from my kids. No wonder they were not improving. This new perspective gave me a new direction. No longer was I going to spend lots of energy nagging my children rather I was going to practice what I preach and implement some systems that encourage order and organization.

Having lived for years with poor organizational habits and messy tendances it was a big challenge and rather daunting. First, I decided to focus on one thing at a time. I created a weekly house cleaning system. This has had a remarkable impact on how efficient I am. Before I had two failed systems; either I was trying to end each day with my house tidy and clean but as that was unrealistic I either stressed out trying to do it or avoided doing anything due to no motivation. Or I was trying to clean the whole house on Saturdays which meant I didn't do anything but clean on Saturdays. I was always behind on laundry, looking at extra jobs that needed to be accomplished but so behind on the regular jobs that I never got around to them. Most of the time I felt very negative towards house work and hopeless.

My weekly house cleaning system:
Monday: All Laundry
Tuesday: Upstairs bedrooms
Wednesday: Kitchen/Dinning area
Thursday:  Bathrooms
Friday: Living room and family room
Saturday: General tidy up, yard, projects
Sunday: Rest

I love this system!!! Each day I have a focus and when its done it is done. Having a daily focus has helped motivate me because I don't have a huge long list of house chores everyday rather I just focus on one area.

My laundry system was next. I had several different laundry baskets everywhere and it never seemed to be consolidated because it wasn't. My friend had a great system going on at her house that I decided to implement into ours. I have three baskets in my room: whites, jeans and colors. Jack and Lucas have one basket in their room which get sorted daily by Jack (one of his jobs). This is probably is as easy as abc for most folk but it takes me a little while to figure things out. It has made laundry day a breeze!

Another system I created was morning routines for Jack. Each morning Jack has several jobs/duties he has to take care of before doing any playing.

Jack's morning duties:
Make bed
Sort laundry from his basket into the main baskets
Get dressed
Do hair and teeth
Pick up his bed room

I find Jack is taking responsibility because without doing these duties he can't do fun stuff and I don't have to continually nag him. I have also found that because Jack is taking responsibility for some of his stuff he is more inclined to keep it tidy.

The crap basket is one of my favorite ideas. I keep a basket in my front room. Anything I find around the house that belong upstairs goes into this basket. At the end of the day I take the basket upstairs and return all the crap back to it's places. It has encouraged me to pick up because I can do a quick tidy up without constantly walking up and down the stairs!

Once I started being consistent with my systems I found I was more productive and had more time. I had more time to organize my laundry room, my pantry, the play room, the junk drawer the list has been endless. I am starting to enjoy keeping a home. Having order has brought so much peace into my home. Yes, now I am paying attention to details I realize how crappy my house it and all the things that I lived with happily before tend to bug me BUT I know where everything goes because just about everything has a permanent place.

I know I have a long way until I my organizing and attention to detail habits are awesome but I really can testify that a house of order is a house of God. Order has brought me closer to Heavenly Father, it has granted me greater patience and peace throughout my day and has given me more time to be with those I love!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Party

This year I decided to have a Halloween Party/ Birthday party for my AWESOME friend Andrea. We had the usual friends over and all dressed up and had a blast.

Photo booth time:

Game time...


Thursday, November 8, 2012

2nd snow

We woke up to discover snow everywhere. Immediately  Jack decided we needed to be outside, so promptly after breakfast we got our snow gear on and headed outside.

The dogs were thrilled, Jack also was happy BUT Lucas still was unsure. Take a look...

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