Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bounding down the aisle at church and pooping pants...

Sometimes church is hard with little ones... actually most of the time church is hard with little ones. This past Sunday was no exception. Bens assignment within our Branch (congregation) does not allow him to sit with us so it is me verses the kids and I lead the music so half the time its whoever is sitting closest to me verses my kids with me shooting deadly stares at my kids when they act up.

Lucas was not feeling great and I was standing in the back of the chapel trying to console him Jack leaves his seat (he is not supposed to do this) and comes to stand with me. I ask him nicely but firmly to return quietly to his seat he scowls at me and turns around. Instead of quietly walking down the aisle he (like a gorilla) bounds on all fours down the aisle and he sounded as loud as a Gorilla.

With Lucas fussing I walk after him grab his hand and tell him we are heading out. This is all happening while a nice gentleman is sharing some spiritual thoughts... Out we go. I sit Jack down and tell him we need to talk about his behavior and why it is disrespectful. He doesn't like this idea so he starts to freak out and says he needs to pop. I tell him that will have to wait. He really doesn't want to be reproved so he challenges me by saying he is going to poop himself. I ignore it knowing full well that he is totally capable of doing that out of frustration but want him to know that  discussing his behavior is very important and that he needs to be accountable for his acts.

He poops himself!

We are in the bathroom and he is wailing and screaming because he pooped himself...He made himself poop and I tell him we are going to have to throw away his dirty underwear because I don't want to carry it around with me. More drama.

Drama, drama drama. Oh the adventures of mothers!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Breathing balance

In yoga they teach that falling out of a balance is not failing rather the fall provides a new opportunity to re-commit and achieve balance. I love this! 

Ever since Thanksgiving I have been trying to achieve greater balance in my life and have had to re-commit several times. For most of last year I felt like I was drowning in things, barely keeping my head above water. I took on everything, had a hard time saying no and didn't want to miss out on anything. This was a perfect recipe to feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. 

 As my Christmas gift to Christ I wanted to prioritize Him in my life. I have done this by prioritizing my studying of the scriptures and Gospel of Jesus Christ. I truly think this focus in my life has helped me gain balance in my entire life. I finally feel comfortable balancing...

In yoga or dance or any genre where balance is essential the way to achieve balance is to feel the opposing forces in the body pulling against each other. By focusing on specifics balance is achieved, for example by specifically focusing on lifting a the chest of the body and lengthening the spine the rest of the body will find alignment and is more capable of achieving balance. Whereas if you only think about not falling you probably will do that very thing, fall. I have felt this in my life. By specifically focusing on specifics in my life; spiritual growth and daily organization I have felt the other aspects of my life fall into place. It has been so rewarding to enjoy the balance of life.

 I can finally breath while I balance. Breath is another crucial aspect of balance it allows it to continue to grow and expand and contract. Without breath the muscles of the body are starved and will eventually fail. Breath in balance energizes the body and allows the body to reach new levels of beauty and strength. For me the breath symbolizes the ability to enjoy the small moments and embrace the ups and downs in life. 

 A part of me is nervous because every time I gain balance in my life something gets thrown into my world and turns it Topsy turvy and then I feel like I am back to square one. But for now I will enjoy the balance I am feeling in my world and embrace it and when I get turned upside down I hope I will be able to pick myself up and re-commit to achieving balance.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Living the Abundant Life

I highly recommend taking five minutes out of  your day to read this uplifting message it is written by President Thomas Monson: 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunday at G&Gs

Quite frequently we spend our Sunday afternoons at Grandma and Grandpa's. Jack loves it and will ask most Sundays if he gets to go to Grandpa's. We took the dance game and enjoyed working up a sweat with them. Jack was great and even pulled some great scores but he didn't win which made him sad.

Grandma happens to be a GREAT cook so we always enjoy good food, this time it was roast! YUM YUM.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girls Party

So I had the thought that I need to start acting on my ideas more often...I thought it would be fun to do a favorites party (thanks Sally for the idea) and instead of letting the idea pass I decided to plan it for the next week.

Girls bringing a favorite thing (a giant gecko, books, bottle, lotion, pencils; it was a good collection) to share, food and dancing. I had a blast! There was a lot of laughter, giggling, hooting and harmonic "ooos" and "ahhhs".


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It has been awhile since I have taken my camera to the park with me.

The weather was delightful and the kids and dog had a blast. I loved watching Jack and Ethan practice the monkey bars...they were actually quite good. Lucas enjoyed walking around and hanging out with his Daddy. And Reagan ran and ran until her tongue was super long.



This photo was taken after Jack had a tantrum (yes, he still has those) and we told him we were off. He eventually followed.


Oh and just to prove I was there... Lucas was not too happy with this;


Monday, January 23, 2012


We love the Nature and Science museum here in Denver; totally recommend it. Our favorite spot is the space center. The boys adore it and dress up as astronauts and to be honest it there were suits my size I would dress up too.

Jack learned all about evolution and decided that he did not originate from monkeys, I told him I felt the same. Lucas LOVED walking around and touching all sorts of things. 

This photo pretty much sums up their relationship:) 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Little adventures...

Jack is always full of enthusiasm at the start of our bike rides half way through this happens:

Lucas wants so badly to be just like his big brother. I really wants to play on the scooter but this happens:

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