Friday, December 9, 2011

Little adventure, lights and our dog

The other day I told the boys, meaning I told Jack while Lucas blabbered to himself that we were going to search for an adventure. Our adventure took us to Downtown Golden where we discovered a little cute museum. We had a lovely time looking at beautiful crafted Christmas crafts and art.

After Jack declared "that was so fun and everything was beautiful!"
 Lucas was not so impressed.

We are getting all Christmas here and Jack and Lucas have had a blast exploring with Christmas lights


So you all know that me and my dog don't always see eye to eye, like today when she jumped the six foot fence and I had to get all dressed in my snow gear to go and retrieve her; my love was not very strong at that point BUT she can be quite hilarious and sweet ... sometimes.


Jack is my best friend when it suits him and when it does he will be sweet and take photos with me and that means A lot!



Becca Allred said...

You're the cutest mom ever. I'm so grateful to have your shining example in my life :)

Hilary Presbury said...

Really enjoyed those photos Jess. Excellent work.

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